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Strange Sores

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My daughter, 8, developed some strange blister like sores on her arm over the past two days. There is a lump under the skin, redness around the area, and a white (looks like puss-filled) blister with a small black dot in the center on each one. They are very painful. What is this?

*****i"m adding this the next day.....She has developed more sores and they are hurting her so bad she can't be touched where they are...Under her arm and on her back....And they are itching...

Please help
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replied July 25th, 2009
I have suffered with the above symptoms of the little girl for 1o years. I have diabetis and have been to around 50 doctors about the problem. They look at the sores and look puzzled. No one has ever suggested what I could do. I am now at the late stages and it has affected my feet on both legs. I feel like a freak and never can be seen without slacks on and long sleeve blouces. I really have given up. The black dot was the the item that made me jump for joy. Someone else does't think I'm crazy. There is never a day I don't want to go swimming and know I can't. Eevery spot of skin is affected wiuth a horrible dark redish raised rash and bumps that itch. I dig out the source from each sore and they keep returning until all ofe the black dots are gone. I am 75 years old and my retirement has not been anything but painful. What can I do to convince doctors to treat me.
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replied September 12th, 2013
sounds like molluscum contagiosum. Ive read that there are no treat meant for them and the doctor just makes you "ride it out" the sores can pop up for four years minimum. If she scratches it the puss inside the sore will spread to another area. try to keep a bandaid on it so she doesnt scratch at it. give her tylenol for the pain.
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