the last two periods, i've had sore breast abot 2 weeks before. I haven't had sore breast since I first started my period, and before I started going on the pill 8 years ago. Also, I get some bleed throughs, lots of yeast infections.
I donno, but could pregnancy have this effect even though i'm still getting my period?
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replied November 13th, 2003
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minerwater I am going throught the same thing..I am on b/c and I had sex 2 months ago I have had my peirod since than but I was supposse to get it last sunday and I still don't have it..I have had signs too my boobs are very sore, I have been throwing up, I have been very tired. I am so conufued! I am exitced if I am pregant but the thing is I am only 16 and the father was just a one night stand..So I am scared if I am. Becuase I know what it is like not having a father in your life..My dad lives in austrila and the only thing I would want for my mom is a father to love it. So it has somthing I never had or will ever had... Crying or Very sad

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