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Late Period

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Hi , when a woman have sex during her period will her period cycle change. Because I had sex during my period last month and I use condoms and this month my period came late can u tell me wat wrong there i'm confuse do u think i'm pregant
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replied June 8th, 2005
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There are many different reasons why a woman's cycle will change. Stress, the way you eat, birth control, and various other reasons can make it change. It doesn't mean you are pregnant though if it does change. As I got older mine changed quite a bit. Sometimes it would be a week longer or sometimes it would be a week shorter. There is no need to worry. They only way you can have a set period is to use birth control. And then even with that if you miss a dosage or something it may still mess it up. If you got your period I wouldn't worry about being pregnant but if you didn't then you need to go ahead and take a test. But in your situation I think your gonna be ok. :)
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