I'm an 18 year old male and weigh 160lbs. The last year I think I might be hyperthyroid but blood tests show my t3, t4 and tsh count were normal, with the tsh slightly low for my age. I consume about 2,500-3000 calories per day. But I am always hungry. My body temperature runs slightly high like I sweat. My skin feels tight and I think my muscles are sore sometimes. I can’t gain weight. If I start an exercise program, I loose weight incredibly fast. I have a goiter on my neck. I'm been tired and depressed as hell. Is it possible I have am slightly hyperthyroid? What should I do about this?

Thanks for anyone who listens... Thank you so much.
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replied June 9th, 2005
Please Try This Medicine
i am very sorry to hear that and yes,you are having hyperthyroidism. Some symptoms are different with the common symptom.

And I suggest you go to the following website and go to self diagnoze to see for yourself and try t o connect their online doctor .

I have readsome articles that chinese medicine is much better than western medicine in treating thyroid prolems.


and I have used the medicine iwith my chemical medicine and the effect is very good.
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