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Clicking Or Crackling Sound In Ear When Move Roof of Mouth

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Hi all,
new to this forum.
Just want to seek any advice for my condition.
Basically not much of problem just irritating
i will feel and hear a clicking or crackling sound and sensation in my ear whenever I move the back or the roof of my mouth.
Any idea wat is wrong?
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replied June 29th, 2008
hi i been having this problem too what is this? is this normal? stress maybe?
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replied April 14th, 2009
clicking in my ear
I have clicking in my right ear almost constantly. Sometimes I get light-headed or dizzy with it. It only lasts a few seconds, stops, then starts again just a few minutes later. I have been to an ENT twice. He put a tube in my left ear and put me on a water pill, but that has only made matters worse. Anyone else with this issue?
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replied July 1st, 2009
ear noise with light headed
I have the exact same problem went to ENT he found a hair on my ear drum and couldn't get it out. How ever he thinks it's not the hair that is causing my symptoms and gave me antibiotic ear drops which made my condition worse. And he said i don't have an answer for you I don't know why you'r having these symptoms. Please let me know if you know any thing and if you got any relife yet. Thank you
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