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For the past week i've had a cold and i've been taking medicines and drinking tea to get over it, that's what I usually do to treat a cold and it's usually effective. Last night I was laying on the couch and all of the sudden I felt a tickle in my throat. That's how it started but the tickle turned into a scratch. It became so irritating that I found myself clearing my throat every few seconds and driking alot of water to make it go a way but it didn't. This scratch in my throat made me cough so hard that it triggered my gag reflex several times, to the point that I felt like vomiting but I didn't.

My first reaction was to eat a peppermint and that seemed to help a little and my father made me another cup of tea. The sensation in my thoat became less frequent and I was able to relax again. However, the tickle in my throat remained for the rest of the night and the day after. I would feel the tickle/scratch with every 3 or 4 breaths I took so I just got used to it and didnt worry about it. I've had bad coughs before and sometimes they cause me to gag for a brief period time, maybe for two seconds at the most but i've never experienced anything like this. This tickle made me cough and gag harder than I have ever in my life.

Anyway, can someone give me advice? Do you know what the tickle was or how I can treat it if it ever occurs again? I suppose it was just mucus but i'm not positive so help me out please.
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