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14 Month Old With Breif "shutters"

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Hi, our 14 month old daughter has recently began having shutters (for lack of a better term) a few times throughout the day. She shakes as if she got a chill, then promptly puts her head to her right shoulder. Just the other night we were at dinner and she did this around 10 times in about an hour.

These seizures or shakes or shutters only seem to affect her shoulders, neck and head; lasting only 1 second. She remains fully conscious and able to continue holding toys which may be in her hands at the time.

We talked with her Dr. And we are going to get more tests this week.

Anyone gone through this with a baby? We are scared and worried about what to expect.


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replied May 24th, 2005
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Hi rob, so sorry your baby is going through this. I am glad to see that you will have her seen soon for tests.

I have not had this with a baby, but have read a bit.

Very important to see a pede neuro and have mri and eeg done to see if they can figure what is going on...

Best wishes
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replied December 7th, 2009
NJ- Same situation.
I just looked on the internet for some info in regard to "shutters." Our 6.5 month old girl just underwent an EEG to check her brain waves because we thought that she was having a siezures. They lasted about a minute and she would tense up to her left shoulder btu quickly recover. We were told that they are normal and that the baby will outgrow them. To always have a camcorder powered and ready to record the whole body if it happens again. Also she is under watch...if they continue she will be brought in for 2-3 days for observation. We were terrified.Always get more than 1 judgement for this. Want to be safe. Good lcuk...Jessica from NJ.
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