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Food That Helps Build Muscle Mass

What type off foods help build muscle...And what type should I stay away from? Besides the obvious- fast food
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replied October 3rd, 2005
Finding time to work out is hard enough for most people. Eating right sometimes gets neglected by some people which leads to more harm then good when working out. Our body requires alot of nutrients to build big muscles. On average a person who wants to gain muscle mass has to eat his wieght in grams of protein a day. Along with some 4000 carbs to keep the body fueled for maximum body efficiency. Take into consideration that the average male is 165 pounds and a serving of chicken the size of your palm is about 20 grams of protein, a person would have to eat around 6 chicken breast a day atleast to ensure good results. A bowl of pasta can contain a few hundred carbs. Eating 10 bowls of pasta a day can be difficult for some people. These facts are all in retrospect to the fact that every body is different. But as you can see finding time for a proper diet can be hard.

Working muscles require carbs for fuel, and teared muscles require protein to re-build. While other nutrients help circulate blood increase oxygen concentration in muscles and increase the overall efficiency of the muscles. Body builders have very strict diets that regulate almost every meal they have so that they have maximum results. Vitamins are a very important for healthy living and are often over-looked. Some vitamins are hard to acquire in a daily diet and a supplement is the only logical solution. Although supplements do not have all the other nutrients that healthy food might, they wcan compensate for some slack in your modern diet.

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replied September 26th, 2018
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Protein is found in protein foods such as soy, cheese, legumes and hemp protein.
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