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degenerative desiccation t11-12

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Hi all --
so nice to find this message board!

I got my mri results back and I have no idea what they mean. My doctor has set me up with an appt with a spine surgeon for tomorrow but I would like to know something... Anything... Before going in. Can anyone help? Please put this in layman's terms and give me some idea of what my options might be???? Thank you all in advance!!


degenerative desiccation is noted involving the t11-12 and l3 through s1 disks. No spondylolyisis or spondylolistthesis is present. Approx 5 mm right paracentral t11-12 protrusioni/extrusion is present, barely but not deflecting the cord. There is no central or foraminal stenosis at this level. Mild diffuse disc bulging is present at the l3 through s1 level. Approximate 15 mm left paracentral l5-s1 disc extrusion is present with free-appearing fragments along the posterior margin of the l5 vertabral body deflecting the left l5 root in the lateral recess as well as s1 root. The left l5-s1 foramen is compromised as a consequence. There are mild degenerative changes of the lower facet joints and a near 4cm right t2 hyperintense mass noted in pelvis.


1) mutillevel spondylosis and facet joint disease with an approximate 15mm left paracentral l5-s1 disc extrusion with disc fragment along the left posterior margin of the l5 vertebral body impinging the l5 and s1 roots.

2) a 5 mm right paracentral t11-12 protrusion nearly touching but not deflecting the cord. Consideration could be given to correlation with thoracic spine mri.

3) near 4 cm t2 hyperintense right pelvis mass. Pelvic ultrasound recommended.
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First Helper Tamadrummer

replied May 21st, 2005
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It means your back from about midway up from the crack of your butt to your tail bone is totally screwed up!!!!!!

You need to be very picky about the surgeon you choose and you need an orthopedic surgeon for this work not a nurosurgeon.

If you are in fl, I would recommend Dr. Scott webb at florida spine institute for this type of surgery!

He is the worlds first doctor to do total facet joint replacement which was done in march 2005 in romania.

If not in fl, do your research and be ready for a ton of hard work and pain!! But if done right, it will be worth it!
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