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I have been under extreme mental stress for about a year. Is it just coincidence that I got my first gout attack when this stress started? Lately the stress has increased and now I feel like the gout has spread into the tissues of my body- arms, feet, shoulders etc. I am going to my doctor for a blood test tomorrow. He blames the gout on my diet of protein foods and drinking beer or wine. I never knew there was a connection between stress and gout, but I definately believe it now. I take 100mg of allopurinol a day, it dosent seem to do much of anything. Any advice on what I should say to the doctor? What about the baking soda, I have hi bp but take medicine for it. Help
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replied May 19th, 2005
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I am sorry to read about your worsening medical problems at a time when you are so stressed. But we all recognize that mental or emotional stress can be a factor in the development of physical problems. Here are a few suggestions for you to ask your doctor.

The only definitive test for gout is to have a rheumatology expert extract some fluid from the affected joint and test it under a polarizing microscope to see the distinctive image of monosodium urate crystals. Doctors without that expertise often resort to testing of the uric acid concentration in a blood sample, but that test is so undefinitive that I don’t understand why anyone still bothers to do it. Ask your doctor to have your joint fluid tested.

The symptoms that you describe throughout your body don’t sound to me like typical gout. You may have some other problem as well that should be diagnosed and treated. Tell your doctor of all your symptoms, and ask him or her to do a work-up to determine their cause.

Stress, along with meat, fowl, or fish in the diet, plus drinking beer are all factors that can increase the likelihood of a gout attack. But a much stronger factor recognized only recently is sleep apnea. It is also strongly associated with high blood pressure as well as gout. Ask your doctor to have you tested for sleep apnea. If he scoffs at the idea, refer him to the letter published in the feb 05 issue of the medical journal sleep, entitled “gout is an indicator if sleep apnea.”

i hope that you find these suggestions helpful. Best of luck.
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