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Hi there! I just wanted to come on the forum and write a little because my mams brother at the age of 15 died from leukemia and it has effected her whole life.
I don't know much about the disease at all but I want to say to anyone who is suffering from it that you are all extremely strong people and you can and will recover from it. I think its best to be positive rather then not because the mind is so powerful and I believe that if you tell yourself you can and you will there is a very good chance it will come true. People go who go through difficult times and who suffer from different illness do so because they are able to cope with it, although at the time they may want to give up or are very tired of fighting, they can get though this tough time, they wouldn't be given anything they couldn't handle and sometimes it seems very unfair to be given something so though but thats only because those people are so so strong.
I just want to say how much I admire everyone in this forum who are battling for the life because I am fighting for my own life at the moment, I have an eating disorder and I just want to say that you are all an inspiration to me and so many others.
I wish you all the best of luck! Stay strong and always, always hope that life will get better.

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replied July 23rd, 2005
Hello I read your post and I am sorry for your loss,i lost my son to aml leukemia and it is the hardest thing to go through and face but god is good and he only takes the best and only the best die young,we don,t ever forget our babies and the loss of a child is the hardest for a mother because of the bond and the love we want to protect our children.I wish you well with your problem we all have some thing to go through with here on earth but with the help of the lord and special freinds and people we make it through and I wish only the best and many prayers and if you ever need a friend to talk to you may email me any time , god bless you and your family always.
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