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Husband's Chest Pains

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My husband is 46 and had a mild stroke a bit over a year ago. He is a diabetic, overweight, and is on meds for blood pressure,( so that is almost normal now). A week ago he started having chest pains that went into his jaw. It increased and decreased for about 7 or 8 hours. The next day he had minor pains and then he was ok until tonight (a week later). Again, he had pains and had to sit down at a buffet restaurant (we were celebrating our daughters great taks test scores).

We have been to the emergency room in the past, and even had an angiogram and there seem to be no blockages more than 40 per cent. With his bad health for so many years I am not easily alarmed, but he refuses to go to the doctor or er because they always do all these test, and we pay money we can't afford, and they send him home with no answers.

Do you have any ideas, suggestions, divine knowledge for me?

Thank you!
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replied June 2nd, 2005
Dear evee,

what medication is your husband on? I sounds like angina to me. 40% blockage is still enough to place the heart under strain. Basically, the heart cannot empty quick enough or fill quick enough. So this puts the heart under pressure.

As for the incident in the buffet, I know this is a rude question but how much had your husband had to eat? One things that came as a shock to me was the amount of strain simply over eating puts on the heart. It really is something to avoid.

Also, is he on beta blockers? That was something that helped me a lot.
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replied June 22nd, 2005
As a heart attack survivor. If you feel chest pains, do not take any chances at all. Go to the er. The worst that can happen is that they send you back home.

The alternative is death. There are over 1,500,000 heart attacks a year. Over 50% are fatal. Why take any chances. It simply isn't worth it.

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