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Inoperable Lung Cancer Life Expectancy?

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Hi all,

my grandfather has been diagnosed with large cell lung cancer. The tumour is over 7cm in size and near the mediastatum. It has spread to the bones. He also has asbestosis and emphysema. He had one session of chemo but it made him so ill the oncologist has said more sessions will be counterproductive and so all they can do is palliative radiotherpapy. He is 80 this year.

Currently he is fairly well, able to move around but not go upstairs and does not have much pain, though he is very breathless.

What I want to know is, could he live a long time like this, what would be a life expectancy for him? Also is he liklely to be in a lot of pain before he dies?
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replied May 14th, 2005
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Hi spannerpan, I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather's health. He must be very special to you and it must be hard for you to see him like this.
Your questions unfortunately can only be answered by a doctor who knows your grandfather's life history and all about his disease.
With medication and care he may live long, depensing on the severity of the illness. The question about pain can also be weel answered by a Dr. Who will give you correct and reliable info.
Right now maybe you can help by being strong for your grandfather, take care of him and spending time with him and encouraging him through the hard times.
Hope he feels better and the very best to him.
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