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October 25th, 2008
help for pain on left hand side under ribs
Hi -
Low levels of thyroid medication (levothyroxine) relieved the gnawing pain I had on my left hand side under my ribs. I take the lowest dose possible every other day and the pain has been eliminated.

Initially, I went to my doctor who told me that my blood tests were within a normal range for thyroid function. She told me that I had IBS and said I could take pain medication. However, I had other symptoms of low thyroid including exhaustion, constipation, weight gain and fuzzy thinking. (See for the complete list of symptoms.) As a result, I went to an endocrinologist who specialized in thyroid function. He prescribed the thyroid medication based on my symptoms and not the blood test results.

Unless you have an overactive thyroid, levothyroxine is safe and given to women who are trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant. It serves to speed up your metabolism a little bit. It worked wonders for me. Please try this.
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replied November 7th, 2008
pain under left rib
For several years I have had this pain under the left lowest rib. the onset is thus - on eating large or spicy meals, leaning over and down to the left simultaneously ( as in tying shoes or reaching in that direction), bending over while trying to lift from a kneeling position and sitting in a prompted-up position (such as leaning back while reading in bed or not sitting erect). My doctor said it was unlikely to be trouble with the spleen and has suggested it could be a large colon problem or colonic hernia. Other symptoms are present but it really feels like my internal organs are trying to burst out of my rib cage or some internal tissue is attached to my ribs and objects to certain movements). My doctor does not believe it is either Tietse Syndrome or Costochondritis. The only relief is to lie on my right side, and with the heel of the palm of my left hand, push down and away the 'spasmed' tissue toward the area just under my stomach (ie. down and centre toward my navel/mid abdomen). He is sending me for investigation for bowel cancer. Despite family history I do not believe this is the problem. Any answers??
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replied November 18th, 2008
Three years later
I posted on this board three years ago (I believe I am on page four), and I cannot believe all the additional posts since I left! I just wanted to pop in to update everyone and provide what support I can.

Thankfully I am still virtually pain-free. My life has changed tremendously since 2005. I followed through with most of my plan (as outlined previously) for about a year, and, just a side note, I quit smoking. Gosh, looking back I am shocked at how miserable I was. Those days were my darkest. The pain was unbearable and the hopelessness I felt was debilitating. Oh! And the fear… what an awful feeling!

I realize not everyone here has exactly the same symptoms nor the same medical histories, current known illnesses, lifestyles, etc. But it seems clear that we all have at least two things in common: pain and uncertainty. Fear of the unknown is often worse than reality. I think everyone here has probably gone through the same cycle of pain, uncertainty, worry, fear… more pain, more uncertainty, more worry, more fear until it is all-consuming. I am telling you now: JUST STOP! You are creating more pain and preventing your own healing with this negative cycle.

See your doc, run the tests, take the meds, change your diet, take the supplements. But above all, break that nasty cycle right now. Let your doc worry about the illness. YOU concentrate on your health and well-being. I know it sounds trivial, but believe me. I know your pain and the anxiety it perpetuates. Regardless of your diagnosis (or in many cases, the lack of diagnosis), stress is your biggest enemy. If you can get a handle on that, your body can start the healing process.

I have fallen back into old habits again. I am NOT the poster child of exercise and I don’t eat enough ‘good’ food but I have maintained my mental approach (and I am still a non-smoker). I simply don’t worry the way I used to. If I can’t change something, I don’t worry about it. Every now and then (maybe twice a year) I start getting a vague gnawing under the left rib cage and I immediately do a quick mental self-check. Every single time I find the same thing… stress. Once eliminated (or at least put into perspective), the pain subsides. I know some of you have completely different diagnoses than mine (many of you don’t even have a diagnosis), but my message is the same for all. De-stress your lives!

Best wishes to all! I sincerely hope you find peace and well-being!
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replied December 3rd, 2008
kinda the same pain?
I just turned eighteen, and i have been having this pain for about seven to eight years. It started happening, from what i remember, just after i got my appendix taken out. The pain is completely random, it doesn't happen after exercise or eating, just whenever it wants. It's a VERY sharp pain right under my left ribcage, usually in the lower quadrant. I would have to say it feels as though I'm being stabbed. It completely knocks the breath out of me...i cannot breath or move a single inch because it is paralyzing and creates an excruciating pain. I did go to the hospital for this about three years ago, and had a sonogram done...nothing was found. I'm not sure if i should go for a second opinion or what?

Where to start???
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replied December 21st, 2008
pain in left abdomen under rib cage, left side around to back
Never really done this posting thing before but here goes...42 y/o male. About a month ago I woke up and felt like I just ate a 10 course meal. Even though I was able to eat, I was not the least bit hungry, had no appetite for almost a week. Felt like a huge amount of gas in my stomach. I also had loud gurgling noises in my stomach all night long for 2 weeks. So loud they would wake me up. Ended up in the ER last week. Did CT scan, came back negative. Went to GI doc last week and had endoscopy done. Didn't find anything there either, although I'm still waiting for the biopsy to come back. Now the pain seems to have moved from my stomach to the left side right under my rib cage. Feels like a cramp. It also radidates around the the left side of my ribs and back. Kind of a burning sensation on ocassion. Not sure what to do next. I'm able to eat pretty much anything without complications, although today I did have loose bowels for first time in a long time. I'm pretty healthy other than this. Very athletic, not overweight, don't smoke or drink either! Maybe I should start. Just kidding. Do have stress like everyone else. I hope this goes away soon. Sick of worrying about it! Good luck everyone.

replied December 22nd, 2008
Pain in left flank area under floating ribs
Hard to believe so many people have this type of pain. Mine started 7 years ago, mostly a dull pain that gets worst when I sit. Until about a month ago it came and went so it was tolerable now it won't stop and it's unbearable pain. At home it gets somewhat better but since I sit at a desk at work it's been awful. I have to Kneel backwards in a chair at work ot stand and work and now I'm on pain medicine otherwise I couldn’t work. Any ideas, doctors do not know, I've had all kinds of tests, it's really something that just wears you out. I'm hoping someone may know something that may help.
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replied December 26th, 2008
please help! =[
I have been having the same pains.
it hurts pretty much all the time. Every once in a while it'll go away when I'm laying down, and the pain will get better then worse randomly. I've had pin for almost a week now and I assumed it was part of a massive hangover I was having. but its been 5 days and it still hasnt gone away and I"m scared that it might be something serious. sometimes it hurts so bad it keeps me up at night.
I'm only 16 years old, and I'm pretty over weight. I assumed that being over weigth might be making it worse(I dont know why) but I havent been eating hardly anything because my stomach doesnt always react well to food.

can anyone help?
I know a guy who's saying he went through the same thing but from what he tells me it sounds different from whats happening to me.

if you know anything that can help with the pain I'd really appreciate any input.
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replied December 29th, 2008
Left sided pain under ribcage
I have the same kind of pain under my ribcage. However, I haven't seen anyone mention a feeling as if something is moving around just under the ribcage especially when coughing. It feels like something that should not be there. It is in a generalized area under my ribcage and sometimes just taking a deep breath will cause it to hurt. Anyone having the same?
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replied January 28th, 2009
Same Thing
I too have had this pain off and on. I have been diagnosed with GERD and IBS. It seems that when something stressful happens to me and upsets me the pain is worst. I went to the Dr. for it at one point and he told me it was my diaphram (sp?) and that acid reflux will actually cause inflamation of it. I am a smoker, though trying to convince myself to quit, and he said that has a lot to do with all of it. I find that when the stress goes away the pain eventually does too. Hope someone can find a true answer soon, although I don't think it is all to serious.
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replied January 28th, 2009
pain under rib cage that moves to both side
I have had this pain for about three years now. I am going to do the test all over again, my blood tests are normal, EKG,UED, LED, etc. I do drink white wine, pinot grigio to be presice.but I do work out almost dayly and do pilates, cicling,stair master,eliptical for ours about three days a week. when working or having other time of activities no pain,but when I ger my mind working, I feel that I am going to die of something horrible. can some one tell me where this pain comes from? I am 55 and very active in more ways you can imagen. so what's is wrong with me?
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replied January 31st, 2009
Pain in the left side
I have had this now for a couple of months on and off. Found that it is not underneath my ribs but more below the bones and around the back towards my kidney. Thought at first that it was a kidney stone since I have had them before, but the pain has never gotten THAT severe. I am going to a massage therapist and a Chiropractor because believe it or not your spine can play havoc on your ENTIRE body if it is not in line properly. Stress has ALWAYS made me feel pain in some region of my body or another, it is just how it works. Find time for yourself if only a half hour or so. Do not stress so hard, and the reason it does not hurt when you are active is because you are not thinking about it when you are doing something else...Life it TOO short to worry so very much!
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replied February 3rd, 2009
Pain on left side
First of all...WOW! I can't believe there are so many people out there going through the same thing as me.

For about 3 years now I have been tolerating the discomfort on my left side under my ribcage. It is right under where the waist of my pants sit. So when I am sitting I feel like there is a golf ball sized area that feels the pressure. It doesn't really hurt but I feel it. When I lay on my left side I feel like I am laying on something When I lay on my right side I feel like something is hanging. Over the years it has become more painful and noticeable. The doc has done all sorts of blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, colonoscopy, all showed nothing. A while back I was having pressure in my chest which he narrowed down to a mild case of GERD so I have always wondered if it is related. I don't smoke cigarrettes but I do smoke pot occasionally and I notice the pain is more substantial then.

Like other posters have said, the worrying about what it could be is the worst of it. It's great to see I am not the only "medical mystery" in this case! Good luck to you all in finding an end to it!
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replied February 8th, 2009
pain under left rib cage
I'm new to this forum and about 10 days ago I was sitting in an awkward position and sneezed pretty hard. I had sudden pain just under the left rib cage. If I don't move it doesn't bother me ...only when coughing , sneezing or tender to touch. Any ideas?
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replied February 12th, 2009
same problem
im 19 i have the sharp pain under the rib its a small pinching feeling and if i rub it it normally feels a bit better but it also has caused some anxiety and i have alot of gas that just wont come out. i have also been burping and its sort of acidic tasting and it feels like theres a lump in my throat and sometimes the stomach pains are like the whole bottom of my stomach. and my stool is kinda yellowish and kinda slimy looking and wierd also ive been having little fevers headaches and just mainly been worrying about what this is and hoping to find something that will make me better cause right now it sounds like im gunna have this for a while and i would rather not
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replied February 15th, 2009
discomfort under the ribs
It is definitely interesting to see all the people who are going through similar situations. I am 26, female, and in very good shape and eat healthy. I had similar pain of which many speak as well as numerous other G.I. issues, bloating, discomfort after meals, loose stools, etc. What struck me by many of these posts is how many people seem to have been diagnosed with IBS. I was diagnosed with a spastic colon at 19, then IBS a year later. When none of the medications or treatments helped, I changed Gastro doctors and scheduled a colonoscopy and endoscopy. The doctor found some issues but didn't believe that was causing all my other issues. He said he had a hunch and scheduled me for more tests. He was right. I tested positive on all 3 tests for celiac disease, which is an intolerance to gluten in wheat, oat, barley, and rye. Since diagnosis and maintaining a fully gluten free lifestyle, all of these issues have been neutralized. I hope this has been helpful.
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replied March 2nd, 2009
It might be a kidney stone
I found this thread when I was wondering about a pain in my left side, just under my bottom rib. It came and went, and was more of a dull pain, but sometimes it got intense.

I read something about kidney stones and thought, "nah..." I'm a woman in my 30s. But just to be safe, I took some cranberry concentrate pills and drank about 6-7 glasses of water. After that many glasses, my urine was still yellow.

A few hours later, the dull pain suddenly kind of snapped... almost like something in there went "ping!" and I felt a sort of cramping sensation move down my groin.

Then I went to the bathroom and my urine was finally almost clear, and I saw what looked like a grain of sand drop to the bottom of the toilet. Now the pain is totally gone.

Aside from that pain, I had no other symptoms of any problems. Though a few months ago, I noticed my urine was smelling funny, so I had a urine test and found I had bacteria in my urine. I took antibiotics and the smell went away (and I assumed the infection), but I'm going to get checked to see if the infection is still there. Apparently kidney stones can cause and be caused by UTIs.

Anyway, if you have a pain like that in your right or left side, it's something to consider.
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replied April 5th, 2009
I have had this pain, it just appeared today, it has been coming and going throughout this whole day. I've had sharp pains that I just can't stand, and it will persist for an hour and then leave and come back shortly. I am visiting the doctor tomorrow for a check up, hopefully I will find something. These posts were all helpful. I will start by making my diet heathier, and maybe regulate exercise.
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replied April 22nd, 2009
Call me crazy but...
I have the same exact pain on my left side. I have had it for several years. I am a 23 yo male. Did you know that Christ was pierced on his left side? I wonder if this disorder is God's way of reminding us on a daily basis the way we grieve Jesus with the burden of day to day sin in the form of drinking alcohol. Cut alcohol entirely out of your diet and see if this changes. Also, what common trait do we all share experiencing this ailment? Is it faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?
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replied April 25th, 2009
Found Dairy to be Culprit for Me
Like many of you, I have been suffering from left sided pain either lower in the pelvic area or more often up under the rib in the front and wrapping around to the back. I have had a zillion tests and have seen no less than 7 different docs for this pain. I even went to phsyical therapy.

Finally, I decided to go on an elimination diet where I have eliminated all dairy, wheat, soy and legumes from my diet. In addition, I started taking L-Glutamine (500), probiotic (live) and enteric coated peppermint 2X daily (first thing in a.m. and before bed). After a few days on the regimen, my pain went away. I am more than 75% pain free.

I added back into my diet wheat which doesn't seem to cause any pain, but I did get a skin rash. So, no wheat. Yesterday, after no dairy of any kind for 4 months, I had a lactose tolerance test (hydrogen breath test). I thought I was fine because I had no symptoms at all after drinking the lactose. Then this morning, I woke up to some bad pain. I am convinced that I need the supplements and no dairy.

I hope this information is helpful to others with the same problems. It took a few days of no dairy for my pain to improve. Even without the dairy, I get pain once in a while, but now I would say it is less than 1X per week vs. every single day.

Good luck to all of you in your search for answers. The elimination diet is difficult, but I feel I benefited from it greatly. BTW - I added back in soy and legumes and have no issues with either of them.
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replied May 26th, 2009
im only 18 :(
same problem, pressure under my left rib, etc etc.

im just worried because im only 18 yrs old, average weight, no health problems at all! im a healthy person. i was stressed during school, but i started having the pains in the summer, where i had no stress at all.

(1.) does anyone drink coffee? 1 or more cups a day or tea?

i do not drink coffee, like ever! or anything else with much caffeine, so i doubt thats the problem because i hate soda and usually drink juice or water Smile

(2.) does anyone ever feel the pressure like they still have to urinate even after they already did?

yes! so weird

(3.) does anyone ever feel side pain right after or a couple hours after they eat anything?

not sure

(4.) has anybody been recommended by their doctor to go to a rheumatologist specialist and had any luck when they did?


(1.) does anyone get irritation or chest pain/under the rib cage after they eat any chocolate?

i dislike chocolate as well, so i dont think its related. i never eat chocolate but i still have the pains.

(2.) does anyone get irritation or chest pain/under the rib cage after eating heavier foods like pasta/dairy products/carbs?

not sure. its a possibility

(3.) has anyone tried the organic food route and had any luck with it (with any organic types of foods)?

i havent
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