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I Am Pregnant, Question Please Read!!!

I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and I have not been to the doctor, I have an appointment next thursday. But my question is I feel sick to my stomach all day long from the moment I goto sleep through the day in the mornings everything. But I do not throw up it. It feels like I am about to throw up but I don't. Can some one please help, I cant take it anymore. Also I think I have a uti.
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replied May 13th, 2005
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Firstly hun, you need to go to the doctors. They can tell you exactly how far along you are and help you get prepared for pregnancy. Feeling sick is normal, eat ginger biscuits or drink ginger beer that will help.

But please, fist things first, go to the docs!

Good luck x
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replied May 19th, 2005
Crackers help too. I remember those good days and nights. I used to have crackers sitting on my nightstand because I had morning sickness so bad.
chole wise
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