Okay... I have been having problems with dehydration for a while now. I think I am drinking enough water and everytime...I fail at that. I have been in the hospital 3 times in the last 4 months for fluids. They have found that I have slightly low potassium once.

I went to the doctor for diabetes testing and they were reviewing symptoms of things. I went for the follow up this morning and she mentioned electrolyte problems. A lot of the reason being because my blood pressure has fallen low over the last two months. Today, it was 100/60. My pulse was also a little fast... 85 I think she said.

I am 18 years old, healthy for the most part, and I am in college. I am not stressed, dont drink or smoke, no drugs or anything. They took *no lie) 5 tubes of blood today and yet another thing of urine.

I constantly have to urinate (no sign of infection, have been tested twice), and I am really thirsty, tired, get lightheaded, loss of weight, dry skin, getting dark circles under my eyes, jittery...
What in the world could be causing this nonsense! Anyone know?
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replied May 18th, 2005
Electrolyte Problems
It surely seems that the hospital is looking at the correct conditions.
All your symptoms appear to justify that this is an electrolyte problem, but hopefully they can give your a diagnosis very soon.

However, I am surprised that your potassium was only a "little" low.

Good luck.
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replied April 2nd, 2006
I've had similar symptoms on and off for eight months, been to nine doctors including a psychiatrist and a gastroenterologist. I've also been having racing heart (tachycardia), very bad gi problems, severe muscle twitches, sleep jerks (myoclonus), and sudden high blood pressure. Every test (and there have been a lot...) has been within normal ranges. Four doctors diagnosed stress, but the psychiatrist disagreed, and said there is an underlying physical cause. I've done piles of resaerch on the internet, and have this just week discovered that it is almost certainly a magnesium depletion, which has led to a slight potassium depletion. I drank very heavily for many years, which depletes mag. I also ate tons of phytate-containing foods, such as whole grains, soy products, legumes, sprouted beans, etc. Phytate binds with magnesium and prevents its absorption. I also stared a fairly intense exercise program last year, (which put a further strain on my reserves)right up until all this started. The thing about magnesium and potassium is that 98% is stored in tissue, not blood, so a standard blood test will show normal serum levels, while you are actually depleted. Magnesium is necessaryfor over 300 body functions. I stared taking 300mg of magnesium five days ago and already feel better than I have since august. Ofcourse, itis too early to tell, as the symptoms have been coming and going, but it is worth checking into. It takes about six weeks to replenish your magnesium stores, as your cells can only absorb and heal at a certain rate. Good luck!!
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