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Hives, Measles, Rash...please Help!

Hi. Earlier I noticed that on my arms (the backsides of them) there were two rashes developing that looking almost like tiny tiny freckles. The same thing was happening on my lower inner and top of thighs. There are a few tiny little bumps mixed in but the thing doesnt really itch. Well, I went to go take my shoes and socks off and put my shorts on and all of a sudden my foot itched! There is a rash that is bigger red bumps...Similar to hives I guess on my left foot and it only goes from the heal, to the inside, to the bottom, aound to the outside. Not on top. There are only two of these bumps on the right foot. There are quite a few of these bumps on my legs too. My back is also itching, but not bad. I have not switched laundry detergents or anything, nor ate anything new latley. What could this be. This rash or whatever is annoying. I appreciate any help!
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replied May 9th, 2005
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Hi there! Are you stressed out or nervous about something? Do you have allergy's, could it be the measles or poison oak(poison oak can be airborne), do you have inflammation and are scratching it, be careful if you are scratching it because it can become infected, making it worse. I am not a Dr., but my suggestion is to get in and see a Dr.(if in doubt, get it checked out).
Keep us posted on what you find out.
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replied May 9th, 2005
Hey. Thanks for your reply. I am a little on the high strung side so to speak. I am in college and I pulled an all nighter for my last final this morning, but I have done that plenty before. I have not laid my head down since saturday night! But, I am done with school for now so I am releived...Summer schoool does start on the 23rd though. I have only had a sobe to drink today (it is an energy drink) and I dont know if that has something to do with it. I do have allergies. I take claritin, flonase, and patonol for eye allergies. I havent been around any poision oak and my shoes have not been off. In fact, I was in the library all night, then I took my final, I came home, took a shower, there was still no problem. I actaully noticed it after I came back from the doctor for somehting else. (possible diabetes :( ) the actual bumps got bigger and white, now they are red. The ones on my foot are really the worse ones. I will bring it to the doctors attention on wednesday morning when I go back. I will let you know!

Oh yeah, and
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replied May 11th, 2005
Hey... I dont know what happend. I took some benedryll that night though and felt much better. I saw the Dr. This morning for something unrealted and just mentioned the problem. Could have been a reaction, could have been anything. I am better now! Thanks!
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replied May 23rd, 2005
My hives solution is below the dotted line. Though I am not sure you have it for sure from your description. You should definitely try and remember what clothes you wore the day you had these rashes and avoid wearing it again.

do the following.... No medicine needed. The cause is "detergent residue" and most people in their life time are not commited enough to solve it. Follow these techniques, it has not failed once.

1.) get rid of all your clothes. Throw them away or put them in a plastic bag air tight. You'll likely never wear them again.

2.) buy all new clothes. Preferably loose instead of tight. If you are budget strapped, buy just enough full sets of clothes for a 2 week rotation only.

3.) buy a new bath towel. Only use this one.

4.) get rid of your bed sheets and blankets. Buy new ones.

5.) before you do laundry, pre rinse 1 cycle with just water.

6.) when you do laundry, don't use any detergent. Use baking soda only. The hard part is making sure the people who share machine with you don't use detergent either!!!!

7.) now wash everything you bought a couple times with baking soda only. Towel, bed sheets, clothes.

8.) only wear your newly purchased clothes, all cotton. No polyester.

9.) only sleep on the bed with the new bed sheets.

10.) exercise daily enough to sweat the existing residue off. If you can't workout and sweat, take a detox bath. Make sure the bath tub is detergent free. No trace of any chemicals etc.

11.) wipe any furniture/couch/chair you might have very clean. Detergent residues are practically invisible.

12.) I have not met one person who was not cleared of this problem after 4-6 weeks. 4 weeks if you are committed!!!!
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