My question is for my sisster-in -law. The past few days she has been having this pain in her lower back on the right side this morning she said she woke up with the same pain and now she also has pain in the front lower part of her stomach. I that maybe her kiddneys . Do you think it may be kiddney stones?
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replied September 5th, 2004
I have had a similar pain for years, and have gone through tests upon tests, with no success. Doctors say it's too low to be kidney problems, but had nothing to suggest. If you find out anything, please let me know! My pain is not in the front at all, but mostly in the lower back. Find my post to read about it and compare. Drinking unbelievable amounts of water seems to help in the long run.
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replied November 16th, 2004
Dear busymom:

it most certainly could be her kidney. I had a lower back pain which got worse and worse over months. It was worse at night. I also had right sided abdominal pain and hip pain. Turned out that I had a chronic pyelonephritis. Turns out, if you have a congenital anomoly, I had a very small right kidney with double ureters, you are a set up for this. My doctor couldn't diagnose my problem, since I had no fever or elevated white count and no stones on ct. It took a urologist to find the problem.

I never had pain over my kidney area (behind the rib cage, mid to lower back) until after my surgery. (nephrectomy--kidney removal). Kidneys are tricky organs. Actually alot of organs can do this--refer pain to other areas.
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replied August 31st, 2005
Re: Pain
This is exactly what I felt about 2 months ago and after of going through alot of pain I went to the hospital and I had a kidney stone. I would advise going to the docter to get it removed or for pain medication because if it is a kidney stone she'll need the painkillers good luck to her
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replied October 18th, 2005
Well Here Are Several Options
Yes it could be her kidneys, tho they are located high up...........Pain does radiate. However a host of other things could be the prob. Ovarin cysts, tumors, adrenal gland probs,not to mention colerectol.

She needs a very good catscan and mri with a much qualified tech to read the results.

Dont sweat the small stuff and its small until it has a name.

Good hopes for u,
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