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I Kno Its Been Asked a Couple of Times But Armpit Lump

I know this has been asked a couple times but my friend who is 17, has found a lump under her arm at first it looked like a spot but now it's a proper lump, and solid feeling, and shes had it for a while. It isn't painful or itchy but I was just wondering if any one could give some advice on what it may be. Shes gonna see her doctor about it but I just wanted to check whether anyone had any ideas?
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replied May 3rd, 2005
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Hi there! I am glad that your friend is havibg the lump checked out, it is always better to be safe then sorry. I am no Dr. But it could be a cyst or a little fatty tumor or a cancerous tumor. Cancer tumors are not painful at first, that is why it is good to do a self exam once a month and report anything that you feel is not right to your Dr. I sure hope your friend is o.K.
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replied July 18th, 2008
hey there wel im 15 well i just woke up today feeling pain both under my armpits.
does this have to do something with cancer??
well im really worried i dont know what to do.
first i thought it had to do with shaving from lastnight and i cut my armpits with the razor its pretty embarising well im just worried because now im starting to think its cancer ive got two lumps and its sore.
i wos thinking i wos the only one with this well looks like i aint the only one after all.
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