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Muscular Cramps In Hand


i'm frequently getting aches in my hand, becoz of which i'm not able to lift my hand freely..I need the support of the other hand and then only I can lift....These aches come whenever I eat food like potato, dal...Nowadays it's like if I eat little of these items also I get pain in my hand. It usually lasts for 2 days and then i'm relieved of the pain.I don't take any tablets for this..But I apply ointments like moov...
Can anybody suggest a permanent remedy for this.......
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replied May 2nd, 2005
Since from have you had this lifting-extremity related headaches?This symptom occurs on so-called subclavian steal syndrome(causend by the stenosis of the subclavian artery if the vertebral one doesnt branch off before the stenosis).But to my knowlegde it is rather congenital so it is probably sth other...A few years ago I had the similar ailment but it has gone away without any treatment.
Yours sincerely -
- jb
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