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Efedrine - Is It Without Prescription In Your Country?

Hi , i`m the student of 2nd year of medicine and I have a question for u...Do u use efedrine and is it available without prescription in your country?
Sometimes I use efedrine - especially when i`m tired and I have to do a lot of things.I can buy it without prescription in form of the drug for a cough(called tussipect in poland).What are your experiences with the efedrine?
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replied September 19th, 2005

i live in canada and here the substance you are refering to is called ''ephedra'' in english and ''ephedrine'' in french.

It is not sold in my country, but I order it online from the united states. I absolutely adore it, but I am well aware of the risks. I try to not take it every day (but honestly it's mainly because I develop a tolerance and want to still get the ''high'' when I take it) and try to take long breaks (months) without using it after a fiew months of regular use.

Last year, it caused me depression and fatigue to be taking it, it had been perhaps 6 weeks that I had taken them every single day. So you must be careful with this. A tolerance can develop, just like with truly illegal drugs.

I used to like metabolife, but they changed the formula and I don't feel the lift so much... I now take redx, 2 capsules twice a day, 4 or 5 days a week. When I am ready to take a break, I take the metabolife to gradually come down. By the way, when I quit snorting cocaine (stopped for three months after heavy using for ten months), taking ephedra helped give me energy, uplift my mood, curb appetite and countered some withdrawal effects.

Do you take any other substances to give you energy?

Hoping not but feel free to talk about it,

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replied October 5th, 2005
Oh yeah I really like this high after taking some ephedrine.I`m the student of medicine and I use it to learn but it is also good for the hangover.I don`t take other drugs of this kind.
You have to know that there is a limit of consuming the ephedrine:
75 mg at once and 150/24h.
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replied December 12th, 2005
Extremely eHealthy
It is illegal in the united states. I was so pissed when this happened. I useed it to help me lose weight and it was awesome!! I really miss it!!!
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replied April 27th, 2007
I've Used Ephedrine
i love this stuff! although it can be dangerous to the heart etc. but the diet pill i took called for like 2 twice a day or something like that i took 1 cause it was so strong. i have weight problems and being 5'3 i dont carry it so well. i lost so much weight i went from a size 14 to 3/4's. the problem is they have took this off the market. i just had a baby and i am right back almost where i started,and it makes me sick. can i get this stuff anywhere? i seen ephedrine in asma meds at walmart is it the same?

please if anyone knows how i can get this stuff let me know. i take it properly and would like it again
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