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the Power of Thought

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Hello everyone,

i'm new here, having decided to share some experience's and understandings i've gained over the last couple of years with a dear friend who is hiv possitive.

My friend when I met him on a spiritual message board was at the end of his life, with only a possibility of living 2 or 3 months as he had deffied the odds and had lived with the disease for 18 years, concouring cancer and other complications...Yet he had given up and had decided to stop fighting it.

When I read his story on the message board, and that he was convinced he was ready for and needed in the spirit world in order to better effect possitive change here on earth, I was struck with the feeling that he was wrong.

In my life, i've never felt the need to tell someone that they needed to defeat thier disease, nor that they were actually wanted here...To live here, and that they would do better work here.

However, the urge was so strong...I was so convinced to tell him this, and that if he chose...He could heal from this disease.

My belief in this was very strong, and not of my making, in that I did not, nor do I now feel that I created this particular idea within, and it is by faith that I continue to believe it.

Still...No one can heal another, unless the person being healed is willing to be in the first place.

After a couple of months of communicating primarily on the im...As he was in very bad condition, unable to breath well, so talking was very strenuous for him, we discovered that we had similar ideas about spirit and life, and he really connected with my husband, and thier relationship is more like brothers then with thier own families.

I'm going to shorten this a great deal, in an attempt to make it readable...However much has gone into this.

Thru many conversations, much love passed between us, and the faith, and unbending belief that it can be done, my friend is still here today.

In fact, while he is still at this point hiv possitive, his immune system is acting like a normal one, like anyone else...And his dr's are stunned and amazed, and are writting a report for the medical journal on it...They have no idea how it has all happened.

By this evidence, I believe that it is possible to complete the healing process, and thus...Prove once and for all that it all boils down to what you believe, and how you choose to think about things.

Love, and a great deal of laughter.

I also had a friend report a story of a young women who had contracted hiv and had become active...Whom went to this church and thru prayer and laying on of hands, a few different times...Came away fully healed of the disease.

So it makes me wonder more and more...Why are we not convinced that possitive thinking and not limiting ourselves, the power of love etc are not good ways to concour disease.

Anyhow...Like I said...I don't want to go into too much detail at the moment...But wanted to share with all of you some of the things i've noticed.

Please let me know how you feel about this, and if you have any questions.


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replied June 4th, 2008
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I believe spirituality combined with medicine is the key.
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