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Swollen Clit

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Yesturday morning when I woke up I noticed that my clit was swollen to double its normal size. I have a little bit of uncomfortable itchiness on either side but no where else. My vagina is fine, I have no discharge or painful urination or anything like that, only an enomrmous itchy clit. I have never had this happen before and I have to say I am klueless. I know it is not sexually related because my sex life has been non existant for at least a month .Today is day 2 and I find it's only getting worse. It's not speading but its getting more itchy and more uncomfortable. If u have and advise or ideas please let me know, i'm going crazy wondering what this is.
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replied April 27th, 2005
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When I first get a yeast infection my clit is what is really, really itchy. This is before any of the discharge or anything. But, I really don't think it ever was swollen. You may want to go to the clinic or your doctor to make sure it isn't anything more serious, and they can give you good yeast infection treatment if that is what it is. But, I wouldn't let it go, cause you don't want to wait and risk having damage to your clit!
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