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Neck & Back Injuries After Car Accident W/ Migraine Head

I was in a car accident about 5 years ago bad neck and back injuries but I started having headaches shortly after they got so bad I just about quit my job I couldnt work and was ready to go on disability. And to make things worse they were everyday just sometimes worse than others I had prob;lems with sensitivity to light and sound occasionally had auras and felt nauseas all the time. Anyway I went to 2 psychiatrists 2 docs and a neurologist . They tried me on every drug out there even botox for a while I was on elavil topomax wellbutrin effexor xanax depakote imitrex maxalt in other words pretty much everything. Any way after quitting all meds due to the cost all symptoms just dissappeared amazing but only for about 1 year then they started coming back not so bad this time very rarely auras but with no pain I feel that ice pick pain only in my left eye occasionally. Most of the time its just ignorable although I feel like a vampire going outside without sunglasses is difficult and I get irritable at times. Sometimes its worse. I have daily pain ranging from light to moderate. I am currently on no meds. Just curious though I seem to have symptoms of migraines as well as chronic daily and also symptoms of ice pick and transformed my doctors really never did diagnose me I seemed to be somewhat of a puzzle to them. Can anyone relate or know anything about this any info sure would be appreciated thanks forgot to mention ive had mris catscans and all that jazz the only thing they say is that the accident has left me with slight damage in my head and my memory is is a lot worse now than it was
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replied April 30th, 2011
I am in the same boat. Years ago I slipped anf fell in a club. This broke my L4 L5 lumbar. I was miserable. I begged for surgery and I am glad I did. My symptoms were immediately better. Well, about a month ago, I was hit again by a semi. Now my neck and knee constantly hurt. They are so bad I go crying to the ER when I run out of meds.
Then insurance was a problem. Mine refused to pay (as they should) because the other carrier is at fault. The driver insurance will pay after I sign forms to release my medical records. My attorney said no! We spoke and he paid the deposit for my treatment and the doctors will bill for the remainder.
In the meantime, I suffer so bad. God help me!!
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