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Nuva Ring Or Ortho Evra Patch For Oily Skin???

Hi all, I went off yasmin about 6 weeks ago, I had to go off it cause it elevated my blood pressure bad! But I loved using it cause it made my skin oil free and no breakouts..I know they say alot of bcp's are anti-androgenic I forget why but i'm wondering if any f you had any adive on which bcp to go w/, I was supposed to go back to my obgyn and get my pressure check a month ago and didn't i'm also due for a pap and who knows if she'll put me on any bcp's if my pressure is still high..I heard the nuva ring and patch are lower in hormones maybe thats why she suggested me switching to one of those 2..?!! Please any adive is greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks so much.
Lena :)
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replied May 12th, 2005
I just started using ortho-eva, but my doctor says nuva ring would be better for me.

Ortho so far is wierd. It's like wearing a bandaid, so the edge gets a fluff ring around it.. And under certain circumstances it moved in position and folded over completely!

In the shower is was okay and day to day fine. But as soon as I went to the gym for a workout my skin got a little oily/sweaty and the patch moved. (1 inch up, 1 inch to right) same as when I went into a very humid environment.

It's okay I suppose. But for me going from depo with something in it (mono..) similar to progesterone and then taking evra which has progest.. And estrogen has made me have quite a few emotional days. Shouldn't be the case for you.

I might try nuva ring becuase you only have to put it in once a month, but am concerned about the feeling of having something up there all the time, and during sex !! Eek.
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