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Hpv Virus

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Can one be infected wth this virus by someone who have herpes simplex, or sores what grow on lips or mouth?
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replied November 7th, 2003
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Yes caterina, you can contract herpes from another person that is infected. Usually through vaginal or anal intercourse, but it is also possible to get it if you have come in contact with the open sores on the infected person, then touch your mouth or genitals. It can also be passed if the person has herpes around their mouth and they give you oral sex, or visa versa.

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replied December 22nd, 2003
Re: Hpv Virus
Hey, sounds like you're asking if you can get hpv/genital warts from someone who only has genital herpes. My understanding is that you cannot, only the herpes itself in this case. However, it is not uncommon for individuals to have both herpes and warts, and for that individual to not know that they do have both as either can exist in a latent state that is not easily visible.
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