People I really need help..I'm 20 years old and i'm having the "deja vu" feeling every day,5 times a day.Then it disappears for 1-2 weeks and after that comes again.
Since I was 12 I started having it but it was ok, it was just a feeling,which most of the people have.
Now it's so horrible..It's getting me down,making me think that i'm out of my mind,that it'll never stop.Every time is more and more brutal.I can not control it and it is driving me crazy.I believe in psychologists,neurologists the problem is i'm not sure where should I go.
Let me try to explain you what am I experiencing :
i'm just sitting home on the computer for example,and here it goes...
Start feeling dizzy,lustreless (no idea what's going on with my eyes, but I can not really see good),confused(start getting panic),not able to talk,start sweating,not able to listen and concentrate at all.
Sometimes I swear i'm having a dreams of what is going to happen on the next day or next week.
About losing consciousness every time i'm having the "feeling" I am about to pass out.And I can not really explain to myself why the h*** it is not leaving me or appearing more rarely.I'm "with it" since the age of 12.
People I do not want to loose my mind, I want to be a normal healthy person, but this thing wants to stay in my mind forever.
I've read a lot of books,and you can find lots of information about the deja vu, but nowhere it's written how you can get rid of it or how you can get the nice part from it.
I also found that there is a connection between the deja vu and the astral projection?Does anyone have any idea about it?
Please people help me!What doctor do I need? :?:
i pray for all the people just like me to get rid of this feeling or at least from it's bad feature.
I want to say big thank you to all the people trying to find a solution writing in this forum, giving advances and trying to calm down each other.
Thank you guys!!!!
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replied April 28th, 2005
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I'm kinda confused. Deja vu is when something is happening that you think already happened before. You remember it as if you dreamt it prior to the time it is occuring. You said you get dizzy, almost pass out and feel as though you are dreaming, but do you actually experience deja vu or not?
If it is that big of a problem for you then maybe see a psychologist and ask if it could be neurological. Maybe you are having mini siezures or something of the sort that is giving you these problems.
Or, it could be your anxiety. And that sucks, because I don't know how to help that. You can take medication, but for most it is only temporary relief and it all comes back full force.
Deja vu is actually in reality when you see what is going on as it is happening and it is sent to your brain, but it hits one part of your brain before another, so when it actually hits you, you feel like you dreamed about it previously, or that it already happened. I may not have explained that well, but that is what scientists say it is. So, maybe you have something going on neurologically that is causing you to have it so often. Good luck to you, hun! I hope you can find a solution!
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replied April 29th, 2005
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Have you ever thought that you may have epilepsy?

My strange feelings started when I was about 6 yrs old. Feeling like I was out of my body, espesially at night it felt like I was flying through the room and and I was sinking to thr floor.

These feelings faded as I got older or into puberty then as I reached my 21st birthday I began having these feelings again and I have seen neurologists and psychologists. The dejavu thing is quite a common factor in temporal lobe epilepsy and it is the hardest to figure out why ppl get it and 70 percent of ppl that have it dont have a reason for having it.
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replied May 7th, 2005
I have deju vu right before I have a seizure I mean everytime you need to see a doctor and get on a low dose of anti seizure medication even an anti anxiety medication thats what I had to do its very scary I know but if you can find the right health care professional he/she can make it go away god bless
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replied May 30th, 2005
Thank You Guys!
Guys, thank you so much for answering my post.I'm feeling better now, it has disappeared for almost 3 weeks(oh well, the last time was brutal).
Anyways I found a good psychologist, I think she can help me,all I need to do now it's safe some money,you know.Going to psychologist is expensive.
:wink: one more time thank you guys!!! :d :d :d
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