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For the last week I have had some pains which I can't explain. The first pain started as a mentrual cramp in my right side in the pelvic area. A few days later, I suddenly starting getting shooting pains in my ride side and in the middle of my stomach (near the belly button). I hoped they would go away but instead they got worse. I went to the emergency room and they did blood tests. However, everything came out negative. It has now been two days since I was there and the pains have not decreased any. My bowels are normal, there is no nausea. I do have a loss of appetite and I have already had my gall bladder out so I know it's not that.
Anyone else have these problems and found out what it is?
Thanks! Jenny
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replied April 23rd, 2005
Did you get an ultrasound? Soujnds like gallbladder to me.....Thats how I felt.

Could also be a kidney stone, however the pain would be more towards your back.
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