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Hives Related to Allergies Help

Hi, I have suffered from hives on my face for 2 years now without help from anything i've tried. Lately I discovered the :d "adrenal cortex- organic glandular" supplement. This is great! I am not pushing this on anyone..But it worked wonders for me in just 1 week. I feel better already as far as my allergies to tree pollen go, and my skin is clearing up dramatically. I am so happy about this recent change of events. So.. It is worth a try if you are in need of help. I know that hives can be very difficult to deal with everyday. The inflammation is gone..The itching is gone. It may help other skin disorders as well..!! Hives are probably not going to be helped with external solutions or lotions. It has to be an internal reaction to help boost your immunity. Don't use lotions that say they help. They didn't help me at all.
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replied April 19th, 2009
Hives in relation to ALS
My friend has been diagnosed with ALS since 2005 and is now breaking out in hives. I asked her hospice nurse if the hives are related to her disease and she gave me an affirmative answer. Nothing seems to give her any relief and I thought maybe you have a remedy for relief. My friend is 70 and is widowed so I try to be a friend to her and she asked me to do this. I would appreciate any suggestios that might help. She is enrolled in the ALS research program at Hershey Medical Center in PA.
Thank you
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