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Severe Abdominal Pain...... Gallbladder?

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I'm having gallbladder surgery next wedensday...But am having a really bad time with a new weird pain. Has anyone had this weird like gnawing or gripping/cramping pain in the center of the stomach between the ribs? It's irritating to wear pants...Even elastic wind pants...Uggg... My right side is not bothering me as much right now, but this pain is really bad. Sometimes it even feels like someone is squeezing my liver stomach, etc....

Anyone had this with there gallbladder problems?

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replied March 31st, 2005
You are not alone.

Had my gallbladder removed 1 month ago. I never had the traditional pain of gallbladder disease; severe pain on right side. Most of my discomfort was in the middle of my stomache (right where you are explaining). I mainly felt very bloated and I too hated wearing pants, especially if I needed to wear a belt.

Any other questions you have regarding the surgery? I would be happy to answer (or attempt to) for you.
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replied March 31st, 2005
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Thanks for the reply john1006...
I thought I was going nuts here... Most my pain, up till now has been the typical right sided pain with the referred pain in back, shoulder, chest...& even left rib area... Had not experienced this center stomach pain till just the past few days & boy yesterday was a doozy... I started getting bloated last week as well...

Hope your doing well now that the bad gb is out...

Thanks again,
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