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Had Colonoscopy Today, Found Spots

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I am a 55 year old male. Around the first if dec 2004, I took a round of antibiotic for possible bladder infection. Ever since this time, i've been having a change in my bowels. No blood, but my constinence has changed. I used to be more on the side of constipation, now my bowels move all the time and are very soft, sometimes loose like diarhea. I have gas all the time, and anything I eat that is the least bit 'no bland' I pay a price for. My bowels movements appear like little 'torn' or 'shredded' pieces and are light reddish brown in color.

Today, I had a colonoscopy and the doctor found little spots on my colon that appear about the size of a grain of rice and are 'off white' in color. She mentioned possible ulcers, but then i'm no bleeding. She took some spots for bioptsy and told me to come see her in a week. She didn't really know what they were, or at least she wasn't saying right after the procedure. She did indicate that I should start taking acidolphyllis in the meantime.

I'm scared to death. Anybody ever heard of spots like before?

Thanks, steve
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replied July 9th, 2005
White Spots On Bowel Movement!
When I heard this person talk @ "off-white" spots on colon, I had to ask- does anybody know anything @ white round spots on the bowel itself? I noticed them on my bowel today. Let me explain a little further: i've been having bowel trouble for as long as I can remember but i'm too scared to go to the Dr., even though the one time I did (in march 2005) he thought he found a "lump" during an external exam in my lower left abdominal area, where alot of recent pain had been coming from...They did an ultrasound and said there was nothing except a tilted uterus (slightly)-supposedly "no problem" there, right? O.K., so- whatever! Back to my bowel problems- I only have a "b.M." maybe once, twice a week (if i'm very lucky!!) and sometimes only once every 2-3 weeks. When I do, they are exremely painful, I can't move or speak unless it's to scream in agony, tears stream down my face, I pound the walls next to me- it's like labor pain, I swear!! They are sometimes very large, of course, but many times just little "balls". Also I have xtreme acid indigestion, all the time, now (it used to be only occasional) and increasing abdominal pain on a daily basis. I've tried laxatives & high-fiber diets, even zantac & carafate doesn't seemed to help although I haven't taken it much, yet, as it's my husband's medication & he needs it, too. I have a "phobia" @ Dr.'s because I used to be a drug-addict & was treated very unfairly in the past-now they pre-judge it seems all the time (ahcccs Dr.'s, of course) even though I don't use any drugs & haven't for yrs., now. Today I had a very small b.M.; only 2 little pieces, but they both had a significant round white spot on each one!! I've never even heard of this, but now i'm very frightened! Anyone know what this could be? Oh, also i've had cervical cancer b-4 but they caught it right away & as far as I know it's gone.
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replied January 21st, 2006
Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer is caused by the virus hpv. There are 100s of strains of this virus but some cause warts and some cause cancer. If you have had anal or oral sex you are more suseptible to cancers in these areas. I would go get that checked out.
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