I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a few months ago. Symptoms came out of no where and worsened over the months until I finally went to the doctor.

My rheumatologist ran tests to determine what medications I could take and that's when we discovered hep c. He did a 2nd test because sometimes people with ra will have a false positive to hep c and people with hep c can be misdiagnosed with ra. All of my tests show both ra and hep c.

My doctor told me that in recent years they have been seeing more people with autoimmune deseases (ra is one of them) who also have hep c.

Does anyone out there have rheumatoid arthritis and hep c? Does anyone know anything about the connection?

My guess, from what i've read, is that the immune system is fighting the hep c and gets over zealous and attacks its own body.

Please let me know if you have any information on these issues.

Thank you.
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replied December 21st, 2008
Hepatitis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
My friend is suffering with the above. He caught Hep C. in Angola as a veteran
fighting for the UK MOD.

Having been going to courts for 15 years to prove that Hep C. has an effect on becomming a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer as well MOD doctors keep on throwing out his case (disability pension improvement etc.) His own doctors & specialists
remain content with the above notion.

How can I help my friend in order for a specialist/proffesor in Hepatology to proof/or debate that the above connection exist.

Kind Regards
Baz Bastiaan

replied March 6th, 2009
hep c and ra
My uncle has both as well. He has had hep c for a long time. But, two years ago he devloped swelling and joint pain to the point that it put him in the hospital. He went to the doctor and it was cofirmed that his RA count was through the roof! He just went into the hospital again for it a few days ago complaining that he could not breath. After a day in a half of being in the hospital they released him and again his RA was sky high. Im not sure if the doctors understand a link between the two yet. The doctor told my uncle that he had taken alot of blood test and there is deffinatly something wrong, but he was not sure exactly what is causing it. He assured my uncle that he was working hard to try and get the answers.
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replied August 5th, 2010
Is there a link between Hep C & Rheumatiod Arthritis?
I have also been treated for Hep c. I have been in "remission" for 6 years. However, after a car accident I have been suffering with joint pain, migraines, and exhaustion. I have had MANY joint & facet injections in the past 3 years since my accident and finally my doctor ordered a blood test for RA. Well, my RF is very high and I am scheduled to see a rheumetoligist in 2 weeks. I suspect there is a link with Hep c & RA too! I too have been trying to get approved for disability. I have been in so much pain and the migrains are unbareable. I am glad to see others with the same symptoms, at least I know I am not crazy.
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