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Stopping Tegretol Xr Medication

My son has been on tegretol xr for 10 years. He's 16. He is being weaned of the medication. What should we expect? He is reducing his dose now. He says he's feeling funny, kind of moody and drawn out, feeling of chills inside, distant. Is this normal??
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replied April 19th, 2005
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Sorry I have been away and just saw this. How is your son now? Hoping he is ok. I have read that tegretol is a tough one to wean, especially after taking it so long.

Hoping you can get him off and see no seizures!!

Mood swings, change in activity level (more active or less), are a couple of things I have seen in weans....

Best wishes!
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replied June 30th, 2005
I am 16 and am also on tegratol. A few years ago I stopped taking it....Dont worry its normal...I felt very moody....Even to the people I love most...And was always cold and tired. Dont worry
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