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Sudden Headache Related to Heart Beat

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I never used to get headache before, ones here and there but they were just sinus headaches. I am 20/m and I started getting this headache when I do certain things that increase my heart beat. I've had it at least once a day for the last 10 days. The headache is only on the right side of my brain, not in the back of my head and not in the front of my head, its right in the middle. Some times its so bad I just feel like laying down till the pain reduses or goes away and other times it just hurts moderately and I can just ignore the pain. Its feels like a shooting pain when I do certin things that increase my heart rate and once it comes it doesnt leave very easily. Light and noise don't seem to affect it at all nor does the movement of my head and neck. It doesnt hurt when the blood rushes to your head when your upsidedown but kinda makes the pain go away. Headache medicine works sometimes but other times it doesnt.
If anyone has the same pain or knows what it could be please let me know!
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replied June 23rd, 2010
I have been having these headaches,and pounding inside my right ear did you find what this was...?please write me.
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