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Hepatitis can lead to serious liver damage. We cover basics about liver anatomy and define hepatitis here. Plus info on the different types of hepatitis....
What are the major causes of Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C? Start here to learn what puts you at risk so that you can avoid the serious liver disease...
A list of the symptoms of each type of Hepatitis here. Plus, when you should seek medical attention for Hep signs and symptoms....
I have a question about hep c...I was wondering if hep c would be found by doing a cbc test (complete blood count) I know it wouldnt be found specifically but, would your white or red blood cells be affected by the virus? Especially if you had the virus for 5 yrs? If you have an info please help thx.
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replied August 10th, 2005
Need Info On Hepatitus
I recently started seing someone who has hepatitus c I think hes taking medication and I wanted to no if I can get it from kissing him or having sex
is he contagious since he takes medication am I at risk for getting it or is this something he has and cant pass to me?Since I kissed him should I go get a shot so I dont get it or should I not get involded any further with him to be safe :? :?: :?: :?
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