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Introducing New Person to Epilepsy


i hope everybody is doing well. Epilepsy is not easy to live with and we all understand this whether we are the ones with the conditions or the ones who take care of someone with epilepsy. My heart goes out to everyone with this disorder.

I need an advice. About 2 months ago I met a nice guy and we are trying to build a friendship together. He knows that I have a medical condition because I told him that I am on medication. He wants to know why but I have difficulty sharing the fact that I have epilepsy. It is not just with him. I like keeping my personal life private and only a few people in my life know that I have this condition. I would like to open up to this guy because he is really nice and I know he would not judge me.

Could someone give me an advice on the issue I am having? I would like to know when is the right time to have this conversation. I am also interested in your stories of when and how you introduced this to a new person in your life.

Thank you!!!
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replied March 26th, 2005
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It is hard to know how much to share and when. My son and I used to be quite free in telling others and he faced a lot of issues due to this. I still feel that the more we tell others what epilepsy is and is not, the faster the world's view of it can get out of the dark ages. My daughter, dx'd one year ago is extremely private about it and does not want me telling anyone. I totally understand this. She is a teen and it is her business. She does not want to go through what her brother did. She lost a babysitting job just after dx because the lady found out and wsa so clueless. (dd has myoclonics, not anything that would harm a child in her care.....)

i would say, as you get to know him. Start off with just a little information and see how he responds. You could even try starting a conversation about someone you know with epilepsy and see how he reacts....

Take care, I hope he wil understand! If you go to www.Epilepsyfoundation.Org you can go to answerplace and get some good info on seizures to share. Contact us has a place to ask for info to be sent to you for free
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replied April 4th, 2005
Thanks a lot for your advice. I found the website really useful.
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