8 months ago my l5 vertebra slipped forward (ie. Spondi lolisthesises).

Unfortunately, I went to a chiropractor, who put me on my side and twisted my entire spine up to my neck. My spine was burning for 2 months. I went into hospital. Many painkillers later, cold dead pain across the whole of my back. My shoulder was up in the air, and I was hunched over. I could only sleep for 3 hours. I went back to see if they could fix me.

Instead, they tore my l5 disc (small annular tear. L4 cynovial syst developed). Now, 4 months later I am planning to spend 4 years to fix these problems. I am trying to re-build my spine, through my rib-cage, one vertabra at a time. Eventually moving more as my spine loosens up, (due to the fact that my muscles are in spasm). This is, of course, is very hard to do, and must be done thousands of times to straighten the curve (20% there so far).

However, if I do not, I will witness the death of a million nerves in my back.

If I ever straighten my back, I am thinking of travelling to the usa for idet treatment in florida to seal my disc tear.

Please give me any information as to what I should do, as chiropractors have already ruined my life. Anyone one who can offer advice for this condition or on anything that has happened to me, and what I am suffering from, I would be most grateful.....

Grateful to you, and thinking about complete spinal fusion...........

(or should I fight the fight?(even though it may take 4 years?))

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replied March 22nd, 2005
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I would not do idet. I did and it did not help me.

However, I would travel to florida spine institute and allow Dr. Scott webb to do spinal fusion on me! Unless you are going to royal prince alfred, I would come here to the us and definatly to florida for surgery!

Florida spine is a fantastic facility in beautiful clearwater, fl and the hospital you would be in is one of the highest rated in the us for its size.

I hope eveyone on this website see and understands why going to a chiropractor can and will do more damage then it will help. I wouldn't allow one of those people to touch my worst enemy. (yes, I know there are ones that are truly out there to do good, but can you tell them apart from the ones that think they can cure the world?)

good luck and I hope you get better, in my opinion, there is very little chance that even in 4 years you will be better without surgery!
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replied March 26th, 2005
I was wondering if you know everything you would have to go through to recover from a spinal surgery. It is one of the worst surgeries to recover some talk to your surgeon and get a pain management doctor and talk about the new decompression therapy I have had 5 back surgeries and have nerve damage done my first surgery was in 98 I was only 23 now i'm 30 and I have just now got relief from a pain management doctor and rehabilitation not therapy rehab is electric therapy and it has helped extremely I hope this helps
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replied March 12th, 2013
I also have spondyliothesis L4 L5 S1, and spinal stenosis.My spine has moved forward 7mm, I would never let a chiropractor touch my back, too unstable. I worked for one who thought he was God. However I will not get a spine fusion as it does not guarantee much relief for my back to ever return to work, it would just help with day to day living, and those are from the mouth of head of spine trauma surgeon.
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