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Post Traumatic Head Trauma?

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Ok well last thursday my father had a car accident and was hit on the drivers side where he was sitting. Now he never mentioned any kind of impact sustained to his head. But im assuming from the blow it must have jarred him around a bit. He had been complaining of head aches and had not seen a doctor. And this morning I wake up to my mom screaming. My father has his knees on the floor and is sprawled across his bed and he appeared to be severely gasping for air. He could not speak, it was more like a cry or grunt for help. The muscles in his face appeared to be contracting a lot due to his heavy breathing. And his eyes were wide open and at one point it appeared like he could not see anything the way he was looking around the room, it was a very blank stare and very confused. I tried speaking to him but he wasnt very coherent. He was pointing to something and trying to get up, but he was having trouble standing. I thought maybe he needed his inhaler because he had been sick and had excess phlegm built up(hence not being able to breath). But that is not what he needed, he pushed it away and appeared sort of agitated. The whole episode lasted about 3-5 minutes. Then he began to calm down, he still could not speak and he still couldn't breath. He appeared to be alittle more with it cause he was able to shake his head yes or no. The paramedics classified it as a seizure. He was taken to the hospital. When he was finally back with it he had not even realized what happened, he had blacked out during it. The doctors took cat-scans which came up fine, no abnormalities. A neurologist saw him and asked him a bunch of questions to make sure he was with it. She classified it as post traumatic head trauma(from his car accident). Later on as he was being brought to his room he had another small episode. He is supposed to have an mri tomorrow morning. They said that it was seizures, but my question is could this 'post traumatic head trauma' be connected with seizures or could it be something else that was happening to him? Would cat-scans come up normal after a seizure has subsided? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
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replied July 16th, 2008
This is an older post, but I sure hope you Father is doing a lot better. Head injuries are ALWAYS something scarry. I would think if the CAT scans came back clear, not showing anything, thats a good sign. Its when its cloudy or shows masses is when I get nervous. He very well could have post traumatic head injury. Also an MRI and MRA would show if it were something other. HOpe you reconsider nad come back to eHealth!
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replied November 22nd, 2012
Hey, my husband has almost the identical story, we r going through the process at the moment of being put on the long waiting list to get more scans done, the best answer they can give us is that they are trigger seizures stress related. they have put him on medication in the mean time, which changes him fair bit, so far yes it has helped the seizures a little but some days its like hes a different person, unsure whether its post traumatic stress from his accident making it worse or purely the medication.
Really desperately want to know if u had any luck finding out what the issue was with ur dads health, i know every case is different but at the moment any shed of light we can get on this condition is better than not knowing any thing n being left completely in the dark
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