Hi everyone...I'm new to this forum....Unfortunately I have myopia as a result of working with the computer....I went to an eye doctor, she gave me a prescription that is: -.50, -.75 I dont think it's that bad....Now, I have a question....If I dont use glasses, and try to put more care in my eye, would my eye number go up? Cause I dont really want to get glasses ...Thanks for your help in advance!
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replied March 21st, 2005
Myopia (nearsightedness)
Hey ashi_mashi, how are you doing?

For the subset of patients who desire freedom from glasses and lenses, refractive surgery is an option. The goal of this article is to introduce a fairly new refractive surgical procedure in which implantation of a polymethyl methacrylate (pmma) ring or ring segments in the peripheral corneal stroma is used to correct myopia.

Currently, nonsurgical approaches are still the least expensive and safest. Going beyond the range that has been approved by the fda; currently, the upper limit is at -3.00 d spherical equivalent at the spectacle plane.

Postoperatively, antibiotic-corticosteroid combination drops and/or ointment are used, and the speculum is removed. The eye may be covered overnight with a shield.

Antibiotic-corticosteroid combination drops are used 4 times daily for 1 week. The sutures are removed 2 weeks postoperatively or longer if the incision is not healed adequately.

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replied June 3rd, 2005
I was always told if you don't wear glasses the number will go up, but i'm not sure it's all true.

I think (this is my opinion) if you have those ranges, it is very unlikely you will go very high, because myopia is genetic (i inherited it from my father). Usually the worst cases of myopia start when you are a child (my brother started at 7, he was almost -10.00 when he had his lasik surgery, I started at 9 and I was almost -8.00) we couldn't see much without glasses ( I couldn't read a book or watch tv without glasses)

since you don't like to wear glasses, you should considered contact lenses. I hated glasses myself, and rarely wore them, so I feel your pain. I know you might not need them for some occasions, but if you are going to be in a classroom or somewhere where you need to see distant objects, you are going to need them.

Also once your problem stops advancing you might want to consider lasik surgery with a good doctor, not just any doctor. I know some people had some complications but no one in my family had. The recovery time is only 24 hours.
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replied August 18th, 2011
Hi, i i am very nearsighted. Currently i have -12 on my right eye and -14 on the left. Is there anything that can help me get better vision? Unfortunately, my glasses are not correcting the problem that much. Even if i wear them, when i am crossing the street i can't see a car only when it comes very near, so i am always waiting for someone to cross the street, it makes me feel safer.

My doctor told me that i cannot do anything to correct the problem, the only method he knows is LASIK, but...i am too nearsighted. I found on google a method called IOL(intraocular contact lens). Can this really help me?
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