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Hearing Loss.... Underwater Effect

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I think I may have otitis media but i'm not sure...

1st off.... I can't understand my hearing loss.... I can hear my surroundings perfectly but when I talk it's really loud and sounds kinda like being under water, some other symptoms match otitis media.. But I can't figure out this wierd underwater effect, does anybody know what it is, and how to sort it,

i can't continue singing in my band if I can't hear myself properly :'( :'( :'(
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replied May 19th, 2009
Can under water pressure cause hearing loss
I was in submarine school in New London and we were submerged into a 50-100 gallon tank filled with water. We had to escape and swim to to top of the tank. We did not have air tanks so we had to keep blowing to try to lessen the pressure. My ear popped and it was never the same. When I arrived at the hatch and told them of the popping, I was told it would clear up. It never cleared up and I have had trouble ever sense. I have nerve damage in that ear and believe it came from that incident. Is it possible that being submerged and having to try to blow to keep the pressure equal could have caused this problem? Thanks for your help.
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