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29 Weeks And 5 Days!!!!

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Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing alright! I had a question this is my first pregnancy and I was wondering if anyone in their third trimester has experienced any braxton hicks? Every once in a while I will be fine and then I will have a pain in my lower stomach or its like my belly gets really hard for like a min or so. Has anyone else experienced this yet?

I dont really know what braxton hicks are suppose to feel like so....

Also I hope everyone is doing wonderful with their pregnancys!!!!!!!


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replied March 19th, 2005
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Okay.....Or not.
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replied November 10th, 2009
yes they are normal, make sure that they are not painful
if they are not painful then, its just the way ur body is preparing for for the big day........Smile

I am also 29 weeks, n been getting these very early.
Try to lie down on ur left side, n drink water, relax, listen to some music or just try to stay quite ........

u will feel better.........
if the contractions are painful, n intense then u need to call ur doctor

good luck
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