Do the guys really take on just as much of the waight?
I think they sould as much as the girls are obligated to.
Guys are So dumb sometimes
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Hey this is batgirl again also known as amber I want to better state my thoughts. Do the guys really take on the responabilities that they should at theses hard times. I have looked at some of your thoughts and it looks like some do and some don't. I really hope they do. What are the guys thoughts? How do they support and the flip side on that. Are they glad to become a father? Thinking back when at times I thought I was pregnant and I was tariffied of what my parents would think along with my whole family. But most of all I wanted to know what my boyfriend at the time was going to do. I was so scard. Looking back on it (happened a year ago over and over and over) I am so glad I never got pregnant with that bas.... I am sure you all know what I mean. Yea, I hope that makes better sents. I really do hope the guy is helping you out and not just being a jake over on the side some were. Ah, yea, again the info. You all help me with I might explane it to my class in my presentation, because, I think it is a moral must for they guys to take just as much of the waight as the chicks do.Thanks!
Much thanks, amber
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replied June 17th, 2008
Well they should but i'm not sure that they all would. It's so early to be thinking about kids!
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