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Wanting a Baby Badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I met this wonderful man that I will be marrying in two months. He only has one child that he rarely get to see because of the distance between them. He is the best father to a child that I have ever seen. He wants another child as bad as I do. But the thing is, I got my tubes tied after my second child. I heard that after about five years there's a chance of getting pregnant. Is that true? Will there be a chance for me to forfill the man I love and adore so much the one thing he wants in life? Someone please say yes ( serious)!!!!!
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replied March 16th, 2005
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Tubal litigation reversal is fairly common, though not always successful.

This should answer all your questions: http://womenshealth.About.Com/cs/surgery/a /tubligreversalp.Htm
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