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For anyone who has tendonitus or carpal tunnel!!!!!!!

Vitamin B is incredible! I've had a crazy case of tendonitus for the longest time, but thanks to the advice of my doctor, I took vitamin b6 and b12 and b50 and b100. After trying the different potencies, I've noticed that b6 is the best. Weird huh? Well, anyway, I no longer have my affliction. Have a great day Cool

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First Helper Shaqueen

replied November 9th, 2003
Carpal Tunnel
Did you ever take glucosamine? I'm wondering if it's the miracle drug it claims to be.
If you know , send me a message.
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replied February 21st, 2004
Antioxidants Did the Trick For Me.
When I was pregnant with my first child, four years ago, I developed cts. It remained after the pregnancy. Although not debilitating, it caused great discomfort, especially at night. Last september, I started taking new vitamins including an antioxidant blend. Three days later, my cts cleared up. No more sleepless nights. When I ran out of the antioxidants, but still kept taking the vitamins, the pain and tingling started to come back. That is when I discovered that it was something in the antioxidants that was the key. Apparently, in my case at least, my body was lacking certain minerals, therefore allowing the cts to flare up. Here is the ingredients from the back of the bottle:
vitamin a 10,000 i.U. 200%
(as beta carotene)
vitamin c 400 mg 667%
natural vitamin e 400 i.U. 1333%
calcium 165 mg 17%
zinc 15 mg 100%
selenium 50 mcg 71%
copper 2mg 100%
manganese 3 mg 150%
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replied March 15th, 2005
Magic Vitamin B
Hey there,
how long did you have tendonitis for?
I had (still have, but, it seems to be under control for now) carpal tunnel, and have had nasty tendonitis for about 6 months now in my outer forearm (tennis elbow I think). It feels weak and heavy and tired after only small activities such as holding a newspaper or driving. And it doesnt seem to be going away anytime soon, altho I am going to physical therapy anyway.
What b vitamins work for what? And how long did it take to help you? Please tell me more about your experience, thanks! ~~josh
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replied March 16th, 2005
Active User, very eHealthy
Take a one-a-day type of vitamin and go to your orthopedic surgeon after your pt time has ended and get surgery to fix the problems if that is what you need.

There is no vitamin that will "cure" your tendonitus (sp) and so believeing in this idea that you can take a pill, regardless of the type and cure your ailments is just "voodoo" and it will not happen.

Use your money wisely and take either a genaric once a day vitamin or buy the branded one-a-day but avoid the big market brands such as gnc and many of the other rip off brands.

According to consumer reports feb 2002 the big vitamin/supplement pushers actually do not put the amount of vitamin/supplements in the tablets that they print on the bottle and in fact most exceeded the rda of lead.

Dont buy into the hype, those big companies are not there for you, they are there to take advantage of you!
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replied March 19th, 2006
[removed by admin] Better
Did you know in a study with coke a human tooth dissolved in twenty-four hours? Sugar kills
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replied September 18th, 2007
I've had tedonitis on both arms several times so I know by now how painful it can be and how long it sometimes takes to heal. I had a severe case on my left elbow for the past 7 months I'd say. I read up on some info on the cdc site, I had tried everything including B6 and 12. Last week I was given a shot of cortisone (hadn't tried this before), which did sting like a @#$ I must say, it could make any grown man cry, but to my amazement the next day it was totally gone!! Unbelievable. I'm still being careful with the arm, but if I had only known this before!
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replied February 22nd, 2009
Treatment for CTS.
I too have suffered with CTS for many years, 25 to be exact. Taking B vitamins by themselves did seem to help somewhat. I eventually had surgury on the right hand which improved the condition for a few years but it eventually ended up back to where it was before the surgury. Recently I was told that Manganese deficiency is responsible for CTS. I started eating foods with high levels of this element in it and Voila! My condition has improved substantially. I don't think the condition will ever go away completely but at least my hands and arms don't ache 24/7/365. To much strenuous activity will still cause pain and numbness but at least it is possible to live with CTS now.
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replied March 2nd, 2009
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
I want to find out what vitamin is used to cure or prevent the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
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replied October 2nd, 2013
I've used b6 for my cts.It was recommended by my family dr.It went away.That was about over 12yrs.Now it is back and I will take it again before I even think about sugery or anything else because I know it worked for me!
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