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Hello all. I am new here. I'm a 32 yr old female. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis and began a treatment plan which consisted of 6 months of monthly lupron injections followed by continual birth control pills. Both of which are obviously hormon related treatments.

The lupron put me into medically induced menopause. And the continual bcp kept me from menstruating even after stopping the injections.

Within 2 months of starting the pills, my skin broke out all over my face, scalp, neck, chest and back. I have never had acne problems before. Not even as a teen, other than a few minor pimples here or there.

After reading online that the acne could be caused by the bcp's, I contacted my dr's office and talked to one of the nurses who told me that the bcp's could not be the problem because they usually prescribe bcp's to help clear up acne. After arguing for a short time, I insisted she ask my dr about it. She later called me back to say that the dr agreed that bcp's can sometimes cause acne. I believe he said it was the progesterone???

He then changed my pills over to another prescription. Within a month my skin cleared up completely! I was so happy! Went out and bought a new bikini and everything! However, I also started getting brown patches on my upper lip and nose. I had read online that they were caused by the bcp's.

So I called my dr's office again, this time talking to a different nurse. She too did not really listen. She said she never heard of bcp's causing these problems. I again argued until she agreed to tell my dr my problem and see what he had to say.

She later called me back to tell me that I had melasma, which was caused by the bcp's (really????). Anyways... They changed my bcp's one more time but told me that I had run out of options and that I needed to decided whether to stay on the bcp's and deal with the side effects or stop taking them and deal with the pain from the endometriosis.

I started the new (3rd) pills. It only took a few weeks before the acne returned. The brown patches on my face did disappear within a few months though. I then decided I would quit taking the pills, thinking that since they were what caused it, that my skin would clear up when I stopped taking them. It didn't.

In talking to some other endo sufferers, I was told about progesterone cream and that it could help clear up my skin. I thought back to what my Dr. Had said about progesterone being what caused the acne to begin with. But thought maybe I just remembered wrong or something. I would try anything at this point. So I did use the progesterone cream. It made things worse. Within about a week my skin was so greazy and broke out more than it already had. So I quickly stopped using it.

I have tried nature's cure, pro-active and many many many other otc ance medicines. Nothing helps at all.

I do not leave my house anymore unless I have to. I do not even have a job anymore. I went from being a very outgoing person, very happy with my looks, wearing tank tops, crop tops, etc.... To being withdrawn. I have thrown out most of my clothing and only wear things that cover all of my skin. I do not even take my clothes off in front of my bf anymore. So as you can imagine, my relationship is pretty much in a downfall.

I can't even go to get my hair cut because I am embarassed about the bumps and scabs on my scalp. And really, would they even touch me? They would probably think I had some contagious disease and turn me away.

I just want my life back. The acne is painful not only emotionally but physically. They are not just little pimples but are deep and large red knots. They are scarring my skin. My bf keeps saying that no one cares what I look like. But "i do" and besides, that is just a load of crap anyways.

Any advice??? I can not really afford to go to a dermatologist as I already owe around $10,000 because of my endometriosis operation, treatment, etc. And I have no insurance, so I am not sure anyone would take me anyways.
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First Helper jackiemillard

replied April 13th, 2005
Have you ever looked into natural alternative therapies?? Supplements do not cause side effects...Dr, drugs do!!! Try some phytoestrogens(plant estrogens)...Good luck!I hope this helps a little.
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replied May 10th, 2005
After 5 months of being off birth control I developed acne that is severe and that I never had before in my life. I also am not getting a period though all blood work is normal. My doctor gave me a non name brand 5 day supply of progesterone to induce period and acne completely went away only to begin again the day I stopped the progesterone. So I am now just beginning birth control in the hopes that it will help though the levels of progesterone are much lower (cause the high dose stuff causes cancer). Funny thing is that estrogen not progesterone is what is supposed to stop acne in the pills. If I were you I would try different types of pills. There are so many including progesterone only, different mixes of levels and even different varieties of hormones. Give them 3 months unless you have bad health effects. If your doc acts like youre a pain then find a new one. I gues unless the brown patches were a sign of health problem you could always go back to that pill and use concealar and foundation to hide them.
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replied May 10th, 2005
By the way, what brand of birth control cleared up your acne but gave you the spots?
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replied June 6th, 2005
This is so interesting to me. I'm 31, have endometriosis (and have known about it for about 6 years), and am having problems with melasma.

I'm curious what birth control pill you've been using; i've been on yasmin, which I love, but i've had problems with melasma since I started using it. I've used many different birth control pill types in the past, and none gave me problems with melasma, but I figured that my recent problems might have something to do with age.

My doctor gave me a prescription for a bleaching medication (i can't think of the name right now) that costs about $100/bottle and doesn't work. I started using sunblock every day to try and make the melasma fade, and though it hasn't faded, it at least isn't getting worse. I am considering getting off the birth control pills not only to avoid the melasma, but because I think being on hormones for extended periods--no matter what doctors say--is unhealthy. The pain from my menstrual cycles is so intense, though, that it scares me to get off the pill. I'd like to know which pill you are on that has helped the melasma to fade, as well as which caused it.

Regarding the acne, have you tried accutane? I don't have severe acne, but i've had annoying problems with it, and my doctor recommended putting me on it. I decided not to, because the drug sounds pretty scary. Though the company only reports problems with birth defects in babies conceived when women were taking accutain, I think any drug that deadly has to have other repercussions. However, several people I know have taken it and have loved the results. Accutane dries up oil glands that are the supposed cause of most acne (from experience, I know that food, stress, and other elements--contrary to what doctors who support accutane believe--also causes acne). My doctor is a big supporter of accutane because she feels that, like you are suggesting, the social repercussions of acne are worse than the reported symptoms of using the drug (except for the birth defects problem, which is documented & serious). If your acne is keeping you from living life, I would consider taking a more extreme drug.

Basically, on the acne front, I would try more doctors on for size. I moved from dermatologist to dermatologist until I found one who could diagnose what the brown spots on my face are (which I now know are melasma). The first doctor I saw told me my problem was tinea versicolor, a skin fungus.

I hope this helps--and if you could pass along the bcp info, i'd greatly appreciate it.
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replied June 10th, 2005
Re: Still Depressed
Still depressed, I don't think your advice to take phytoestrogens is very good. Estrogen is what can cause spots in the first place, and phytoestrogens do have the same effect.
I have acne myself as I have a hormone imbalance. I am currently taking phytoestrogens as they help me balance my mood changes which I have because of the hormone imbalance. I feel great with them, only that my spots have become worse since taking them.

So my advice, stay away from phytoestrogens if you want to prevent spots. My doctor advised me on this as well, I came to her because of my skin problems and mood changes and asked her about taking phytoestrogens and she said that this would definitely not help my acne problem.

To homebound, I think you should maybe seek a homeopathic doctor as well or maybe try chinese medicine. Also going to a dermatologist might be helpful. I think you should definitely try someone beside your usual doctor.
I really hope that you will be able to get rid of your skin problems so you can get your life back!
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replied July 29th, 2007
I have had problems with acne I think brought on by hormonal imbalance. Honestly I have went to reg drs, dermo's & tried natural cures too. Nothing has totally cured the problem. I actually get a skin infection/staff/cellulitis almost every month at the time of my period. The doctors were killing me w/antibiotics. Now I am taking colloidial silver, which is a natural antibiotic, I drink a cleansing tea, I just ordered a a connective tissue tonic, cellular detox face wash & lotion along with the silver, a multi vitamin, plenty of water & rest I hope to get results soon. I just cover it & smile, I fool most people until it actually gets infected & swells my eyes & everything. For some reason I can not cry, it weird because I would like to sometimes. Meditation & prayer can help the spirit too. I feel for you because with everything I try , I will still wake up with a new spot . & they are just red & deep actually I can feel the infection tunneling thru under my skin. I hope I can find the answer. I have done a candidia cleanse, just about anything you can think of. long aths, naps & getting your nutritionl needs will pobaly work best.
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replied September 3rd, 2007
Hormone Related Acne
Hello there,

I am 34 years old and I too have adult acne. I know exaclty what you are going through. I am big into Natural Healing and would like to share what I found that works.
I have been researching through books and internet what causes hormone imbalances which is the root cause of my acne. What I found is that we have many "Hormone Disruptors" in our environment, medications, water, food, etc. In addition, another big issue that I found to be relevant to our problem was the imbalance of Omega 3's to Omega 6's. Our food supply is so lacking in Omega three and so strong in OMega 6 that we have enough Omega 6 in our system to last a year!
What I did: I bought Flax seed oil (HIgh in Omega 3) with Primrose (Hormone balancer)- Liquid form. This has regulated my hormones thus regulated my mood and decreased my acne by 75%! I ran out for a few days and I immediately broke out again, so I know it was the flax with primrose that did the job. Don't give up if it does not work right away. Give it a couple of weeks and you Must get the liquid. I tried the gel caps and you have to take 9 of them a day to get the same dose as a tbsp of the liquid. Also, I bought it at Wholefoods and they have people there that will help you. See if you may need to add another dose of the Primrose oil in a pill. Oh, one other note. I tried just the flax seed w/o the primrose and it does not work.
The bottle runs around $16 and it works!!! It is made by Barleans and it is called "The Essential Women". I have tried all topical treatments, antibiotics, colon cleansing, birth control pills, etc., and they do not work.
If you need more info. just research- "Natural remedies for female hormone regulation, etc." on the internet.
Good luck and God speed to you.
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replied January 25th, 2008
Acne & Melasma-hormone imbalanse
Wow! Thanks ladies! I have been experiencing the same thing for the last 6 months or so and I have been racking my brain and trying everything under the moon.
I went on and off the pill for years and then developed melasma and acne at at around 31.
What a combo from hell! I looked old from the Melasma and like a teen with acne.
It seemed a little unfair! And nothing covers melasma, btw. It would take an expert Hollywood make up artist, cause I tried a variety of make up and nothing worked.
I honestly think that staying off the pill is the answer. Cause the pill DOES cause the melasma and going on and off different pills is really bad for your skin and your whole body.
I would like to make a few suggestions too.
One thing I never saw mentioned here is exercise. It really does help to keep your hormones balanced. Jogging or low impact arobics everyday for an hour. Even just walking will do the trick.
I have been eating hemp hearts and that is also great.
I have done endless research too and here is the skinny on what herbs and vitamins to use when wanting to balance hormones:
Chromium, selenium, zinc, vit D, E and A and a good B complex 100.
Saw palmetto, dandilion, dong quai, eve primrose, flax seed oil, co-enzime Q10,
a tbsp of apple cider vin each day, and acidophilus.
Lots of water and healthy berbal teas and metamusil each day, too.
Green tea (decaf) and detox teas.
I have also read that most dairy has hormones in it so I've switched to only organic dairy, in fact I've switched to an all organic diet.
Last but not least, people peddling acne cures, including doctors will say there is no connection to diet and acne and I am always astonished that people buy that as our diet affects our hormonal balance and that has a huge effect on our whole body! and for sure our skin.
Good luck everyone!
And take it one day at a time.
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replied March 16th, 2008
Hormone Related Acne
Hi everyone! I am 31 years old and I am convinced now that the acne that I am suffering from is due to some hormonal imbalance.

I have gone from vegetarian to vegan and back again, with no success. I have tried OTC topical treatments so much so that I think I am immune to the stuff. I have seen a dermatologist and have been on antibiotics, gels, and lotions to no avail. I decided to take the "inside out" approach and, in addition to eating a mostly vegetarian (some organic dairy and eggs) diet,

I have taken alot of supplements too. For the last nine months I have taken a bcomplex 100, rainbow lite multivitamin, zinc, magnesium/calcium, vitC w/rosehips, biotin, probiotics, digestive enzymes....etc..etc... I also tried the megadose of vit. B5 for three months, which was insane and didnt work for me. Last summer I also did a liver/galbladder flush following the instructions in the book by Andrew Moritz - it worked, but didn't help my acne.

In the months of Dec/Jan I had all of my mercury fillings (9) and one nickel crown replaced by a mercury free dentist. I did this in hopes of alleviating my chronic depression, fatigue, memory-loss, anxiety, and lack of menstruation issues. I have not done any chelation since having them completely out, mostly because I would like to chelate with cilantro and chlorella, but I am afraid I will feel and look worse. Neither of which my life can afford right now cough

Beginning in March of '07, I had a period every other month (for 8 months)up until October of '07 when I tried Lo-estrin (which is an ancient form of bc, btw) and I lasted seven days on it until I felt suicidal and stopped taking it. I didn't have another period after that (4months) until February of ' month after having the last of my fillings removed. I'm not sure if that has anything at all to do with it, but I know that mercury can disturb pituitary gland functions which controls our hormones.

Between those months of Oct and Feb, I saw an obgyn who did a blood test for hormones and she gave me 2 months worth of YAZ to try, if I wanted to take the risk of the depressive feelings again. My blood work showed that my testosterone was like one point above normal, but they insisted it was no big deal. I have yet to take the YAZ, mostly because I just don't want any more chemicals....I would like to find a natural way to solve the issue and I am thinking that the elevated testosterone IS a problem.

My acne is along my jawline and some spots appear on my neck, and by my ears. Also my back broke out with these awful cyst-like lumps from my shoulders down to just below the bra line and this started more than 1 year ago (Sept of '06), but was the worst this past summer/fall because I wouldn't even get into a bikini or a tank top anymore. At this point, the lower part of my back is healing, but my shoulders are still atrocious.

It is taking a toll on me emotionally as well. I try to be positive, but sometimes I just break down...especially after getting out of the shower because without clothes or makeup on I feel like I am disgusting. I sometimes do wonder what it is that is causing this to happen when I try so hard to be careful and do everything right. I dont like to go out of the house unless I absolutely have to because of the way that I look and feel. Even getting ready takes so much time because I have to cover these lumps on my face as best as I can in order to feel pretty again when all I really crave is to be natural and makeup free yes

So right now my diet is organic foods(as much as possible), some organic dairy and eggs, and once in a while I might splurge and have some chicken meat. My skincare regimen is to use Dr Bronners Lavendar soap morn and eve on my face, and on my body in the shower. I then use jojoba oil on my face and back to moisturize because I think the dryness makes it worse. I use natural shampoo/cond and tie up my hair after washing it so that it doesn't irritate my back or shoulder area.....geez...the regimen just gets exhausting sometimes. I spot treat with tea tree oil where I need it and I then use only mineral powder makeup....the kind that is as organic as it gets - without bismuth oxychlorides and other fun ingredients.

For those of you that read this post and can relate to my experience and emotional exhaustion, I am so glad that you exist....because we can validate what is all too real, frustrating, and painful for one another. I do have friends that have beautiful skin or the occasional pimple and they eat what they want, when they want, have cocktails, wear strapless dresses, go to bed with makeup on, and enjoy healthy self-esteem on a daily basis.

I am just going through the motions daily in hopes that my "right" way of eating and using healthy products will pay off eventually. But as far as helping my hormones balance naturally, I have not a clue what to do next. If anyone can relate to this and can offer some advice on natural balancing, please reply........
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replied January 6th, 2009
searching for simple..i would beware of the
jojoba oil as this broke me out in awful cysts and this is what you mentioned. I know alot claim how it's helped them, but I have read that it's like waxy form and sits on the skin the same as coconut oil does and can clog the pores. Maybe something you want to look into. Ortho-trycylen-lo helped w/my cysts personally, but now I have whiteheads/blackheads/small pimples all over my chest that I've been dealing with for over 5 years whether on or off the pill and nothing has helped. Goodluck to you all. It is sickening emotionally in so many ways. Its awful! I'm there with you guys!
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replied February 15th, 2009
I also had hormonal acne
Hi, I have read all of the posts, and I had exactly the same problem. I am now 40 and had four years of constant monthly breakouts with really deep cystic acne. It was a nightmare. Then one day I bought Woman's World Magazine and read a weight loss article that recommended a combination of Quercetin, Resveratrol and Soy Isoflavones. You can find this info on Google. Anyway, at about the same time, I bought Garnier Nutritioniste for Sun damage. I now take these supplements everyday and put the Garnier on in the morning and at night. I have not had a single breakout in two months now!!!!! Some of the supplements (I found out later) are phyto-estrogens that may be regulating my hormones. The Garnier peels the skin but is not harsh. Everybody has something different that works for them, but this combination has been an absolute Godsend for me. Good luck ladies!!
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replied March 18th, 2009
Hormones and acne
Thank god I found this site... I am 34 years old and I too have the exact same issues with acne and brown spots. I thought I was over reacting with it all, but thanks to all of you that are willing to tell your story that I now can feel sane! No one seems to mention this, but are any of you "getting hairy-er"? I can't stand this. My gyno has said to me twice, "Its not that bad". Everytime I look in the mirror, those words ring in my head and I get so frustrated. I will start bcp (seasonique)with my next period. We'll see how that goes...Anyways, thanks to all who are sharing their stories of these horrible problems and letting others know they aren't alone!! Good luck to everyone.
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replied April 6th, 2009
hormones and yoga
I am 34-years-old with a hormonal imbalance. After a stressful move and miscarriage, my hormones went out of whack. I haven't had my period now for about two months. I found out that my LH and FSH are out of balance, which explains why my period is non-existent. Also, I have tons of acne around my chin. One thing that has helped me with my acne is yoga. I try to do it every day. I find that on the days I do it, my acne is so much better. I highly recommend it. It triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which will offset the production of cortisol (which is often responsible for acne). Also, I've begun taken Vitex (chasteberry) and Maca. Both are supposed to help with hormonal imbalances. My period hasn't come yet, but I am feeling much better. I am sleeping a full night's sleep after three months of insomnia and I am no longer severely depressed.

Good luck and thanks to everyone for their tips.
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replied April 28th, 2009
Emotional Exhasted as well
I am going on 34 and like all of you I have been battling hormonal acne since I turned 30. Mine spurred from stress of a night job, divorce, and my children all hitting their teens and one time. I have tried so many different things, mostly natural cause I hate taking toxic medicines or putting them on my face. I try and work out regularly to sweat, and balance my nerves, I also have done several detox; 25 day Master Cleanse in the beginning of the year and then just recently a 10 day doesn't help, but lost some weight and feel better about that. I've been vegetarian this year..and have sorta stayed away from dairy..doesn't help. I did try camilla oil and it shows to heal my skin overnight, but keep breaking out in my face..well it has cleared my chest acne. My acne on my face is being a bit more stubborn. I read up on hormone balancing herbs on different websites..and don't trust them at's most likely going to be a waste of my money.

I'm exhasted as well with this..I long to not where make as well.

My bf has back acne and he thinks it's him causing my acne from the bacteria in his some degree this may be true. We are running a 30 day test to see if this is so.

With the acne being with me for these years I have developed acne scars, enlarged pores, cystic acne, and I am considering laser treatments. Fraxel..and blue light therapy. I live in I'm going to start going in for consultations, trying to stick with those who offer it free.

I went and saw a spa around the corner from my house and he says I should take birth control & use a topical cream. I say no I don't want to do that....they all want to band aid don't waste your time and money.
I'll start staying away from dairy and starting upping my dose of Flax oil, also get some primerose and keep taking my black current seed oil, I eat lots of greens like spinach, kale high in atioxidants and vit. A and drink lots of Odwalla since they are natural with lots of vitamin C and water of course.
If I do start the laser treatments I'll let you all know how it works out. Try to keep your spirits up and look closer at your diets. I wish all of you the best!
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replied May 20th, 2009
Tried it all before Acne
Not sure what's causing mine either, but suspect hormones: tried OCTs, (BCP worked, but gained weight), tired cleaners, etc. Now taking digestive aids and saw some healing, but continued to break out, going the whole VitB5, multivit, EFAs, water, healthy eating, green tea, and expensive face treatments. Thumbs crossed. Also started taking Vitex this Monday 18 May 09. WE'll see.
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replied May 20th, 2009
Experienced User
mineral inbalance check the educational site & hydrate with water & heck out natural salts.
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replied May 21st, 2009
Oil-Free Diet and Bulimia = Acne?
Aaah, now I remember. It all started when I was 17: I became bulimic and followed a stringent fat-free diet. I lost weight and my skin dried out and slowly became pimply! I never made the connection because I was trying to lose weight and no side effect could convince me that the manner in which I was doing it was wrong. My aunt who had hormone-related pigmentation marks on her face recommended that I start drinking 1-2 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil per day. I did so 2 weeks ago,but I noted little skin improvement in drinking light yellow cold pressed olive oil. I am now moving onto the thicker, greener kind of extra virgin olive oil, namely, Borges. What do you think? I tried Schuessler mineral salts (silica, calcium phosphate, etc), but I noticed only an increase in my appetite, so I stopped. In addition, bulimia destroyed my digestive system and for many years I could not understand why food took a long time to pass through my system, I felt bloat all the time and went to the loo once or twice a week even though I followed a high-fibre, low-fat, vegy, high water diet (just like the magazines said to). Mmh. I started food combining and my system started working well, but I suspect that bulimia did irreparable damage though as I still don't feel good as such. You see, skin care regimes initiate healing, but there are always new breakouts each morning. This tells me that the problem is in my system. Before taking digestive aids, I also took milk thistle to improve the liver, along with my healthy diet, but because I was not digesting anything, I was not absorbing anything either. Also taking an antioxidant (selenium, vit-E, betacarotene, etc), but not sure what should be happening. I tried the oil-cleansing method (castor oil and hot face cloth). I got compliments for great skin, but I stopped because I was still getting new breakouts every other day. Birth control pill helped, but I was so depressed and gained weight + water retention and an appetite that I quit them. Suspected thyroid problems (always feeling cold and struggling to lose weight on a sparrow-like diet), but when I food combined, the weight fell off and my intestines felt great! Will F-C now and again, but I need solutions to the new-break-out-a-day problem. Help!
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replied June 4th, 2010
My question can we all keep these 'no salt' and 'all natural' and 'vegan' and whatever else routines up? They're impossible.. If a cleanse would work..great..but none of them seem to work for an extended period of time..I don't want to have to commit my life to drinking water all day long every day and only eating whole foods. Sometimes I wonder if trying to cure my acne is giving me more stress causing acne! I also have stress/hormone related acne (face and body) and sometimes I feel like the more I do, the worse it gets... Acne is such a mystery!
If the form of birth control that helped your acne only resulted in mile melasma, you can always get a rx for hydroquinone (4%) and use it 1-2 times per day on the patches of hyperpigmentation. That along with wearing a good sunscreen (obagi nu-derm is a great physical block that won't break you out) and using topical antioxidants should be enough to exfoliate your melasma and supress your melanocytes (pigmented cells) from forming new areas of discoloration. While some doctors will try to sell you a tube of hydroquinone for about 100$, a doctor who cares will usually help you out by giving you a prescription that your insurance will help cover the cost of. -- Too: Retin-A, (or related forms of retin-a, such as retin-a micro, tazorac, tretinoin, etc) might be a good option. Retin-A helps a lot of patients with acne, it exfoliates the skin more rapidly which does cause temporary mile peeling (think 3-6 months of flaking), but its great for anti-aging, acne and exfoliation. (your doctor should also be willing to write you a prescription that insurance will cover for retin-a. Some doctors now retail tretinoin creams that they would rather sell themselves, but your insurance will typically cover it if you're under the age of 45-50 and have acne. )

If you want to try products, Obagi has a great acne line called 'clenziderm''s just two steps, a cleanser and a toner, both of which have 2% salicylic acid, and there's an option step 3 that is a spot treatment gel which has 5% liquid benzol perozide. This line is much much more effective than proactiv. While proactive is extremely popular are you'll see all kind of 'most popular' and 'number one choice' ratings on it, what they don't tell you is that while proactiv has the #1 initial order rate, they also have the lowest re-order rate of anyone. The skin adjusts and some of their ingredients are in crystal form as opposed to liquid. This results in temporary acne clearance, but then the breakouts will reappear because the crystals aren't small enough to get into the pore and actually rid the bacteria and excess sebum. (You can buy clenziderm is many derm and plastic surgeons offices for about 34.50 per bottle... or you can order it online much cheaper..about 20$ per bottle..just make sure the expiration date is good and you're fine.)

If you're considering laser treatments, there are a lot of good options out there, but many of them are pretty expensive, and insurance won't help. Fraxel has a great platform that will work wonders for acne scarring..however no laser treatment is going to stop you from breaking out. So once you get your acne under control, they might be the best time to work with the scarring. Lots of dr's and those in offices will tell you that lasers can treat acne, which they can..but acne clearance is a bi-product of laser treatments. The heat from the laser kills acne causing bacteria and stimulates blood flow and warms the tissue enough to keep you from breaking out for a week or two. If you don't mind the cost, and don't mind getting a treatment once every 2 weeks, there's a laser platform called the 'StarLux 500' by a Palomar lasers, which has a 'lux v' handpiece that works great for acne. Blue light therapy is a related treatment where you sit under this blue light box for about 20 minutes 2 times per week for a couple months. Some people see great results, others only have short term clearance, and the modality it works by is really just gradual dermal heating which kills bacteria..
Many patients really see great results from a couple rounds of monocycline..and while I know, no one wants to take antibiotics, the long term effects are proven to be horrible when taken as an adult, and personally, having clear skin is worth a lot to me. I personally am not willing to try accutane because of the health risks, but monocycline may be a safer option.
Another thing to think about might be heat in the skin. Rosacea patients are more prone to acne because their skin holds a lot of heat. Many people don't even know they have rosacea, but it's something to consider.
Also, someone mentioned high doses of vitamin b5 to cure acne. I tried this a few years ago and it kept me clear for about 5 or 6 years. After the initial 2 months of high doses, you can cut back to a much smaller dose to maintain.

I hope any of this helps..sorry.. Let me know if you find out anyhting that works!
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replied October 15th, 2010
Someone who has been through it all
Hi ladies just found this site and I think it will be bery helpful to a lot of women out there.

I am 42 and I have endometriosis, I have had hormonal acne sine a teenager a gyno put me on the birth control pill Diane 35 which works like magic but as with any "pill" it makes you gain weight and if you stop taking it within 3 months you break out again..also to note if you do start taking it you will see results withing 3 month...

I stopped taking the pill and have starting a regime of 1000ml Primrose Oil capsules and Omega 3-6-9 which is I take 2 of each a day and this has been working like a miracle for the past 3 months and my dark marks are clearing up without the reaccurance of any new ones.....

I also use proactiv as my daily cleanser because I just am impressed with how it makes your face feel, also I use the Avon Clearskin cleansing pads that have 2% salicylic acid for the times when I want to cleanse my face when I am not wearing makeup and am just at home.

For darker skin ladies in the shades of cocoa or mahogany I have recently found that Black Opal has a Fade & Conceal double concealer which is similar to a lip gloss with the wand, this product has a small percentage of salicylic acid also so when you spot it over your dark marks it covers it perfectly but it is also helping to clear it up as well.

I recommend this Fade & Conceal because if you get your correct shade you can just cleanse your face and spot it over the dark marks alone, blend it in and your face looks flawless without any powder or anything it looks like your natural washed face just flawless and ladies we all know that this is perfect for when you have friends coming over and you still want to look great without having any make up me it looks like your flawless founation and no powder anything.........and for when you want to go out just use your sunblock, fade and conceal over dark marks and dust on your loose powder and you look more weighed down by foundation you can now leave that for formal occassions...Let me know how this works for you okay.........for dark circles under the eyes ladies if you want to stay off the foundations for a natural look just use a concealer 1 or 2 shades ligher than your complexion and just apply loose me you look like you just washed perfect skin and dried it....

Hope this was helpful......
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