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Redfruit Efective For Hiv/aids, Cancer, Tumor And Diabetes.

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There is a hope from the red fruit

hiv/aids medicine is found at the eastern of indonesian island, papua, (eastern of borneo island and bali island). The red fruit or having its latin name pandanus conoideus lam – which is suspected only grow at that island- is predicted able to battle hiv/aids virus.

"in jayapura I had experienced advantageous of the red fruit, namely to cure brain cancer, baby’s lungs spots, breast cancer, womb cancer, womb tumor, eye irritation, blind, hearth disease, lungs disease, weakness, and powerless. After the cancer victim consumed the red fruit oil, then had laboratory checked, and the result was zero. Actually prior to consume the red fruit oil, the victim was very painful. Now the cancer victim is fresh and fit ", drs.I made budi, m.S. (balinese name) said.

During his interviewed with a national tv station, drs. I made budi msi., told a victim of hiv/aids named agustina (22) experienced health change. Before she consumed the red fruit oil her weight was 27 kg due to hiv/aids virus, but after she consumed the red fruit oil her weight increased into 42 kg.

In the beginning, agustina who was hiv/aids victim was brought by public health development agency at papua to doctor made who carried out examination to such red fruit. They requested doctor made to give agustina the red fruit oil. After a few times agustina consumed the red fruit oil, she felt better. Heavy diarrhea symptoms and ulceration which went to hiv/aids victim came in to non existence. She felt fresh and can perform her daily activities normally as a healthy person.

Doctor made said, "the red fruit functioned as anti-retrovirus medicine which is required by hiv/aids victim. It binds protein and increase body’s resistance." this great achievement was also in line with result of laboratory checked up at early november 2004. Agustina’s blood cd-4 reached figure 400 and cd-8 showed negative. Cd-4 of positive aids victim maximum 200; cd-8, positive. That papua girl is now nearly total recovery.

The red fruit named kuansu was unintentionally used as hiv and aids medicine by the local people. At early, doctor made continued to explain, that red fruit was harvested by wamena people as food material. Doctor made examined carefully habitual of the people who consumed such red fruit, and he found that the surrounding people were exempted from hiv/aids, hepatitis, cancer, hearth and hypertension diseases.

"at that time I suspected, the rarely wamena people who suffered from diseases were relating to such red fruit,” doctor made explained.

Having conducted examination several times, it was found that the red fruit consists of antioxidant, betakarotin, omega 3 and 9, and many other substances to increase body resistance. "then I carried out tests to 30 fowls because such deadly virus attacked against fowls, " doctor made explained.

In made’s opinion, amount to 30 fowls that were given the red fruit capsule were exempted from virus. Actually, at that time was fowl attacking virus season. Based upon his tests to fowls, doctor made gave the red fruit to rheumatics, high cholesterol , and cancer victims.

''i gave the red fruit to some of my neighbors who suffered from cancer. They made good progress.,'' he explained. Made continued developing examination by conducting library study and found that in the united states, beta karotin used for lungs cancer medication. Beta karotin found in the red fruit very much. In addition, the amount of beta karotin on the red fruit reached 12.000 ppm.''based upon that result, I concluded that the red fruit was good for food and health,'' he explained.

At the early, doctor made only needed to reveal the nutrient content of such fruit, at last, however, he carried out examination whether it can battle against hiv/aids as well. Based upon result of analysis, chemical content of the red fruit inspired doctor made to use it as medicine. Such red fruit consists of high nutrient substances. They are betakatoren, tokoferol, oleat acid, linoleat acid, linolenat acid, and dekanoat acid. They are active medicine compounds. Betakaroten functions to slow down artery spots blockage. As a result, blood can flow to hearth and brain smoothly. They can interact with protein doubling antibody output. This can increase the number of natural cell killer and increasing t helpers and lymphocyte activities. One study found consumption of betakaroten 30-60mg/day for 2 months caused body produced diseases free natural cells. Increasing such natural cells may minimize cancer cells production because it can neutralize carcinogens compound free radical which is known as cancer source.

Another function of the red fruit is as anti-carcinogens which is more perfect with the presence of tokoferol. This compound functions to increase body immune system - hiv/ aids target. The red fruit which consists of high dozes of omega 3 and 9 is non saturated fat acid, easily digested and absorbed as a result metabolism can run smoothly. Smooth metabolism process will increase recovery process. Because body obtained protein supply to increase body resistance power.

The red fruit’s fat acid is also antibiotic and antivirus. They function to slow down and kill virus lipids membrane. In addition, virus is not given opportunity to develop new structure as a result regeneration can not be performed. Due to its competence, it actively prevent and kill hiv/aids viruses, including hepatitis virus which may damage liver cells. In addition, it also able to slow down and kill active tumor cells.


is it possible one commodity to cure many diseases? "it is possible in medicinal world. For example ambisilin can cure diarrhea, throat infection, and paratyphus, ," dr willie japaries mars said. That is called as panasea or multi diseases medicine.

Prof dr muhilal, a biochemical doctor from the university of liverpool is not surprised with advantageous of the red fruit. In 1992 he examined xeroftalmia or vitamin a shortage. The number of victims in papua is much fewer than other regions. The reason is that every day the papua people consume the red fruit that contain 700 ppm betakaroten. Glucose change betakaroten become vitamin a.

In addition, kuansu (other name of the red fruit) also contains tokoferol amount to 11.000 ppm to prevent free radical. High content of vitamin e – other name of tokoferol- is only equal with zaitun. Such compound is the defense against degenerative diseases attack like diabetes melitus, hypertension, and cancer.

"antioxidant is able to cure degenerative disease, free radical prevention such as cadmium, early old prevention, and useful for eye," dr chairul explained. Dr. Chairul is a chemical doctor and researcher at biology examination center of indonesian examination agency (lipi).

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