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Please Read This. I Am So Worried

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I tend to over react at times, especially about any cancer.
My grandmother died of ovarian cancer, I am only 20 and I am 2 weeks late for my period.
I'm getting cramps but i've not started yet.
I'm terrified that I have ovarian cancer. I am not pregnant so I know that, that is not the cause of my period being late.
February usually knocks my periods off track but as it hasn't done so in a year, i'm worried I have ovarian cancer. What should I do? I have an appointment to see the doctor on tuesday but i'm really scared to go.
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replied June 3rd, 2005
Go to the Doctor
Even if it turns out to be nothing, you will have piece of mind. And if it is something, you will catch it earlier. I will be having surgery in a couple of weeks to remove my ovary, which has a mass on it. I keep thinking, what if I had gone to the doctor sooner with my symptoms????
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