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Loosing My Mind Or Just Getting Older?

Hello everyone....I wish I had some baby dust....Anywho I am 33 years young a mother of a 9 year old, and newly engaged. Trying to have a child and looks like I may be all dried up? Lolo or really unlucky! Doc 'says I am ovulating everything looks good then what is wrong...I swear I am pregnant or going crazy...Alll signs tired bloated boobs increased in size....I got what I cant be sure is a period in february day after I was to have and spotted for like an hour then poof! All gone ....Never never has this happened to me...I am as regular as the holidays go figure! No + preg test and I have taken a few! No stress, no change in diet the usual reasons for not getting the norm....Ttc on the right days.....Anyone else ever experience this? Possible to be pregnant with neg tests....Or is something else wrong? Another 5 days and my march so called period should be here....I cant handle the suspense it is killing me...Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr...Please help.
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