Hi,, I have a question and was wondering if anyone can give me some info or not, my friend used to be throw up along time ago, and she done it for a couple yrs before she finally stopped and she stopped for a long time, but she has started up again, she has only beendoing it for a cople of weeks now, if she is only done it for a cople weeks,then maybe she can stop by herself and what are the dangers asscoiated with this disease, and how to get her the help that she needs? Can anyone give me some advice on how to help my f riend?
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replied March 12th, 2005
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There are many dangers ~ she could die of a heart attack or bleeding throat, but even if she doesn't die she will waste alot of food & money & time, plus rot her teeth, screw up her metabolism & body weight.

But all of these facts probably won't make her quit. I did it for years even knowing I might die. If she did it before & stopped, then she can stop again. The question is why she started again? Was it some stress, sadness, or other life event?

You can just be there for her but you can't "make" her stop. Encourage her to get help ~ maybe if she talks to a counselor or doctor she can get her feelings out & get on a healthy food plan.

I was bulimic for many years & today I am healthy & over it. But it takes alot of work to get over it, so talk to your friend soon & help her get started on the road to recovery. Good luck!
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