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Spd Has Anybody Ever Had It?

Symphysis pubis dysfunction I call it (severe pelvic displacment)

i posted on here a couple of weeks ago talking about pain in my pelivc area. Stretching ligaments and things loosening sounded like exactly what it could be. I even told my doctor that I had pain and thats what I thought it was. I'm now 30 weeks pregnant. The pain has of course gotten worse like it has since week 24. I figured something was up once I started rolling over in bed or getting up in the middle of the night to pee and I heard a popping noise. Something must be up now. I remembered reading about pubic bone separation with my last daughter so I looked it up on the net. And it seems that I have all the symptoms there are to have except it doesnt really hurt to touch my pubic bone. I was just wondering if anybody has had this? And what can be done to help or what the outcome was during labor. I've heard some sites say automatic c section so it doesnt do further trauma to the pelvic area and some say by having spd its actually easier for the baby to get through because your pelvic area is open wider then normal and its easier for the babies head to get through. The doctor will hear about it at my appointment on wednesday, I don't see anything else it could be. I've got 10 out of 13 symptoms and about 9 of them arent common with a regular pregnancy. Has anybody on here had it so they can give me some insight? And also I havent read this anywhere else but in the last couple of days i've been getting really sharp vaginal pains but only when I stand or walk around for more then 20 mins. I havent read where this was a symptom but i'm hoping it isnt a sign of labor. I had problems at my 29 week mark last pregnancy and my daughter was born 3 weeks early. I never had any kind of pre term labor symptoms between the 29 and 37 week mark though. My water just broke and that was that. I know somebody will be able to help me out.

Edit: this is what I found on cnn "vaginal pains. In preparation for birth, the tightly shut neck of the uterus (cervix) shortens and slowly begins to open or dilate. The start of cervical dilation may cause momentary sharp, stabbing pains inside the vagina. Don't be overly concerned about these pains, but do call your health care provider if they're bad" my question is do you think 30 weeks is too early to be having these symptoms?

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replied March 7th, 2005
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I havent heard anything about it? Let us know after your appt wednesday I hope you feel better though!
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